Introduction: Bare-Bones K'nex Folding Rack

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If you're anything like me, you can never have enough racks. If you are also like me, you like K'nex, but happen to be running a bit low on pieces. Here's a Solution!


-Compact design makes it fit anywhere;
-Folding ability for storage when not in use;
-Also adds strength through the magic of 45 Degree Angles!
-Few pieces used!

Step 1: Materials


-x4     360 Degree connectors
-x8     180 Degree connectors
-x10     90 Degree connectors
-x8      Straight connectors


-x26   16mm rods (smallest in black/green)
-x5      32mm rods (second smallest)
-x6      54mm rods (mid. sized in blue)

Step 2: The Faces

Picture of The Faces

The first step is building the faces. These faces are essentially the whole rack, so they are important. You will Need 2 of them.

Start by grabbing 4x straight connectors, 2x 360 degree connectors, 4x 180 degree connectors, 3x 54mm rods and 8x 16mm rods. Connect these into the form of the picture below.

Do this a second time, and this step is complete!

Step 3: The Pivoting Parts

Picture of The Pivoting Parts

The next step is to build the connectors, which make the rack fold, as well as hold it up.

Each connector consists of 2x 90 degree connectors, 1x 32mm rod and 2x 16mm rods.

Make 5 of these, and you'll be on the home stretch!

Step 4: Completion

Picture of Completion

To finish up the rack, connect your 2 faces with the 5 connectors, as shown in the picture below.

With this simple step, your rack is finished and ready to hold your junk!

Step 5: Making Use of Your Rack

Picture of Making Use of Your Rack

What can you use your rack for?  Here's a few ideas:

-I personally use mine to hold my Wiimotes and Nunchuks (As shown). The slight fold to 45 degrees makes it look stylish, and also increases it's strength and balance.
-The rack can also hold almost any controller, such as PS3 controllers (Although it cannot fold when holding larger objects).
-Desk Organization! It can hold your office supplies, your TV remotes, etc.


LvNo1000 (author)2013-04-24

Just say what color item you are using instead of saying things like "16 mm rods" and "180 degree connectors".
About the item itself, it's compact, has shelves, and, even, has a divider between shelves! 5/5 Pretty innovative for being simple

SN1P3RL0RD (author)2012-10-12

You get credit for the instructable. I get the credit for the mod. You know this right?

kenkaniff (author)SN1P3RL0RD2012-10-12


sorry had to...

Yeah, I know that's fine. Send me a link when you get yours up. You've piqued my interest :P

SN1P3RL0RD (author)kenkaniff2012-10-15


SN1P3RL0RD (author)2012-10-11

Can I post a mod for this? I'll give you credit.

kenkaniff (author)SN1P3RL0RD2012-10-12

Please be my guest. Credit is all I ask :P

I look forward to seeing it.

SN1P3RL0RD (author)kenkaniff2012-10-12


~KGB~ (author)2011-03-13

not bad at all =D

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