Step 11: PDF creation

Picture of PDF creation
PDFcreator is one of many free programs that sets up a virtual "PDF printer" that makes it possible to print any document from any program to a pdf document.

After installing PDFcreator or any other virtual PDF printer, view the images in Windows Viewer (or any other application that'll let you print all the images at once) and select the print button. You'll then be able to select all images and print them. Select the PDF printer and out pops a PDF file!

Good luck and Happy Scanning from myself and Matti Kariluoma!

zwheel3 years ago
I wonder how this would work...

Skip the tripod
Get 2 lamps instead of one (With the bendy arm just like in your example)
Remove the light from one of the lamps and attach the camera to that.
I started this today, (great instructable) and have some questions. How do you consolidate all the separate pdf pages into a "book" to load to the ereader? Is there another program to make a large pdf or epub file? I haven't bought an ereader yet, but plan to soon. I have a 1200 page vegetation ID reference book, plus a few others that I'd like to convert so I can lighten my backpack.
daniel_reetz (author)  robbtoberfest4 years ago
Robbtoberfest, you should really join us over at DIYBookScanner.org. In particular, check out the "software" forum and the "new standard scanner" build thread to see some modern improvements. This instructable, though great, is outdated and we have lot of improvements over on the forums.
Will do, thanks much.
Need2Relax4 years ago
Mac Users can do the same "print to PDF" thing, but it is already built into the Mac OS X. View all those images in any application, then print. Note the "PDF" button at the lower left corner of the print dialog box, and use it to print to a PDF file instead of whatever printer is selected.