Step 3: How To Obtain Said Materials.

Picture of How To Obtain Said Materials.

Where to get boxes:
  1. Dumpsters (we found great boxes from a comic book store). 
  2. Fast food places. 
  3. Grocery stores. 
  4. Bookstores. 
  5. Cardboard Recycling Dumpsters.
  6. College campuses.
 Where to get glass: 
  1.  Hardware stores sell glass called "double strength". They cut it for you and it's cheap. $2 or $3 a sheet! Get one that's bigger than your book.
  2.  Rip apart your worthless, laggard flatbed scanner and take the glass out. That's what we did.
Where to get the tape, knife, pencil, lamp, tripod...? Well, we trust that you can find these on your own.
chakkers4 years ago
Another cheap alternative for buying a glass sheet are clip frames. You can usually find those in cheap, or poundland type shops in the UK anyways.