Here is one simple idea of making a survival sandal in the wild.


  1. Bark
  2. Vine
  3. Knife (or something sharp)

Step 1: Make It!

(Note: This idea just came to me as the Hunter & Gather Contest just about to end -6 min- and therefore I have no time to make an actual tutorial with pictures. It didn't make it in time for the contest, but I will try to make an actual one later on. I still wanted to share the idea. :D. Anyways in this case, pretend that the in the picture, the paper is the "bark" and the shoelace is the "vine".)

Cut a sheet of bark from a tree. Flatten it. Then using your knife or something sharp, poke a hole on the bark where the small space between your big toe and long toe meet. Also poke one hole on the left and one on the right just about on the center and outer of your feet. Using a long vine, find the midpoint of the vine. inside the midpoint of the vine into the center hole and knot it under the bark. Then using the two end of the vine, insert each end to the two hole you made on the side and knotted under the bark. And there you have your survival sandal.

<p>Neat concept! Thanks for sharing!</p>

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