If this is your first time to visit the barkhor, you may enter from Barkhor Square. It is a large plaza built in 1985. The clockwise barkhor circumambulation is close to Johkang Temple, which is a permanent stea. There are totally four sangkangs (a stone building with a shape of pot-belly) in the Jokhang: behind the first two there are two joined enclosures, the other two are regarded as the rear of the Jokhang

Step 1: Barkhor Street

Barkhor Street, one of the Tibetan people's prides, lies in the ancient region of Lhasa City. This round street, enclosuring Jokhang Temple, has a long history and now is one of the city's symbols and a must-be site for tourists.

The grand scale of Jokhang Temple, which is said to be built by Songtsen Gampo, immediately drew millions of pilgrimages from the area. Those pilgrimages walked a path around the temple and that path is the original Barkhor Street. Now you can still see many pilgrimages walk clockwisely in the street, holding the prayer wheels. They can walk from morning till the night. Some of them move forward body-lengths by body-lengths. Some are only teenagers. Some have traveled thousands of miles before they get to the temple. All they do is to testify their piety to their beliefs, and from their acts, tourists can directly feel the strength of religion.

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