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Got a bigger bed at home and was in need of a new headboard. Instead of spending who knows how much on a king size headboard, I figured I'd make a rustic barnboard one for free.

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So I accidentally deleted a bunch of photos, but I've posted what I have.

The first step is measuring and measuring again. The headboard needed to be about 81" wide and about 30" above the bed. The 2 boards I had were 13' long and one was 11" wide, the other was 9".
I decided to go with 2 rows of the 11" and one row of the 9". I cut the boards into 74" lengths and took a 1/2" notch out of the front of each at the ends. I cut the remainder of the 9" board into 4" wide strips and also notched these on the back down the length. I did this so the sides and front could notch together for sturdiness. I also cut the side pieces so that there was a 1"x1" peg sticking up above the top to be slid into the top cap

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I attached the boards together on the back with 3/8" plywood. I didn't want to have any 2x4 frame or anything on the back so the headboard can sit as close to the wall as possible.

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I cut the top piece out of 100 year old wood (not sure what kind. Cherry possibly) that I found when I bought my home. Cut it at 82" and drilled out some square holes for the aforementioned side pieces to slide into.

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Didn't bother sanding any of the wood, but I gave it a good once over with a wire brush to get any loose material off it.
Gave it a good thick coat of satin clear to seal all the old wood in and that's it. Done.

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dchev (author)2014-06-03

Thanks! I think I got pretty lucky with some nice looking dry pieces of wood.

craftclarity (author)2014-06-03

Wow, I really love that patina! That's a gorgeous piece.

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