I am a recent college graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and in the recent months I have been neglecting my video game addiction. I started to play the latest game in the Bioshock series and I fell in love with it. I won't give out any spoilers but it needs to be said that the game is beautiful, and the story was compelling. I haven't made many props but I wanted to build something from this game. With so many options it was difficult to choose just one project. After seeing the toy making contest I settled with making the Barnstormer RPG.  A few modifications can provide a truly unique creation.

Step 1: Purpose/Goal

First and foremost I wanted to create an accurate replica of the Barnstormer RPG from Bioshock Infinite and  I wanted to make this build as easy as possible. This is my first prop build and I wanted to get my feet wet. I am happy with the end result and but I always feel there is room for improvement. This build will walk you through the steps I took to create my prop and along the way I will offer tips and design alterations I learned along the way. I would recommend this project to anyone and I feel that this build will provide many simple prop making techniques.. Enjoy.
<p>I might try this in the future. cool instructible</p>
Will someone make a instructable on a skyhook for Bioshock infinite
from Bioshock infinite?
great build. the peice looks amazing. the only thing is I think you should work on weathering it making is look used and worn.
Not only is this a great 'ible for making a great looking prop, but you look DAMN sexy that pic!
I love this kind of project. The kind that re-creates something from a game, something it would be awesome to have.
The paint job completes the look; nice job! Are you planning on building more weapons or accessories from the game?
I have been collecting some different bottles to do a set of Plasmids. And I am working on some ideas to build either the Repeater or Crank Gun that fires Nerf gun bullets
Yay! I want to see them all!
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this will definitely be on my todo list
Nice instructable; well detailed. Is that you in the first photo? Great expression!

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Bio: Mechanical Engineer at Wright State University. Gamer Enthusiast and Amateur builder.
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