Introduction: Barrax' Knex War Shotgun

Hey guys, this is my shotgun - my first non replica gun, and its 7 connector widths wide (its on yellow rods).

Sorry for the music, I forgot to turn it off for the video.

This weapon is intended for war, and does shoot well, but its downside is loading the mag takes sooo long.

This gun was originally going to be a 3 shot burst rifle, however it failed at that (the ide was to have different length firing pins hit the bullet at different times) because the shots all came out at apparently random times (so it was more of a shot gun). I edited it over a day, and finished with this, my War Shotgun

It uses Erikos Kostarikas Dot sight, a new mag, new bullets, and a new firing pin mechanism. It also has a whole hand rail, and reminds me of the TAR 21, but its not a replica of the TAR21 cuz it doesn't look exactly like it (to my standards).

It uses a lot of pieces for a small gun, but think of it as one of my average legnth guns, with its legnth attached on the side (build it to see what I mean).

I can easily reload it within 30 seconds (i timed myself).

Instructions are coming...

Also, once, it only fires 1 instead of 3 bullets... in the next shot it fires two, and it has never done that before (i have fired it at least over 50 times)...

And last but not least, please comment, rate, comment again, then subscribe :)


Fred the evil puppet (author)2011-08-09

you listen to craaaaap music...

crmartin (author)2011-07-24

really cool gun but annoying song

luke11wolf (author)2011-05-30

cool gun, but annoying song

knex obsessed (author)2011-03-02

when u say in the info that it is on yellow rods, it sounds as though it is addicted to the yellow rods ;)

DJ Radio (author)2010-01-31

I guess that song is Eminem- My name is.  Am I right?

Anyways, sorry but I don't really like it too much.  The design looks sloppy-ish in my opinion.  But I do like how this fires more than one bullet at once like a real shotgun.

KnexFreek (author)DJ Radio2010-02-05

 HI my name is fricka fricka slim shady WHAT? my name is frick..

TigerNod (author)KnexFreek2011-02-10

My name is T in da house slam bam the door mouse. Yo. ;-)

barrax (author)DJ Radio2010-01-31

its sloppyish because im not that good at making the best of designs, but i dont think its too sloppy...

and yeah you got the song right lol...

DJ Radio (author)barrax2010-02-02

I don't believe that when it comes from a great replicator...

barrax (author)DJ Radio2010-02-04

what part of that dont you believe?

DJ Radio (author)barrax2010-02-04

Where you say you aren't good at making designs.

barrax (author)DJ Radio2010-02-04



i prolly meant mech designs...

Raiden97 (author)2010-02-09
wow i did not expect you to be that act a lot older and you actually know a lot about guns
spricer988 (author)Raiden972010-06-10

u should see my friend dante his dad owns a hole bunch of actual guns ... and dante knows a lot about guns

spricer988 (author)spricer9882011-02-02

(wich gets anoying after awihle)

barrax (author)Raiden972010-02-09



though it does say im 14 on my profile. although im below average height ;)

various years of MGS gaming and lookin at tonnes of websites can help with that last part.

also, im one of the best in my school. but a lot of the physics equations u see on this website still dazzle me a bit


thanks again :)

tthomasvd (author)2011-01-03

3:25.......hear him

shieldsam (author)2010-11-12

post, post and post again

spricer988 (author)2010-06-10

snap! thats a big gun

ab1000 (author)2010-04-26

where are the instructions!!

it's a super cool gun (I want to make it)

barrax (author)ab10002010-04-26

im sorry, but im not sure if there even will be instructions on this.

its an old gun, and i dont even have any intro pics for the newest version :/

TwistedParadox (author)2010-02-13

I thought you were a little older, either that or I'm rubbish at guessing peoples' ages.

barrax (author)TwistedParadox2010-02-20


knexpete (author)2010-02-08

 love the gun mate, especially the sight, good music choice, and nice British accent. if only it would reload better, or like the AA-12.

btw, did u nick the sight from erikos kostarikos???

barrax (author)knexpete2010-02-08

he made that sight for me lol...

it reloads like a striker ;) long reload...

now it holds 9 shots, so you take it out, and drop it in the middle of a war.

knexpete (author)barrax2010-02-08

 would be a good plan, if u could make a real one firing real bullets from knex
however, it would actually break. hmm......... DRAWING BOARD!

TigerNod (author)2010-02-07

Shotguns, heck yeah! I like it, and I definitly will be building. One question: what are the yellow rods at the front for?

barrax (author)TigerNod2010-02-07

they are a grip, and they hold down the mag pusher...

but the version i did have of this before i took it apart didn't have that sort of firing pin, or grip...

it just had a normal pusher, times three...

I will post btw.

TigerNod (author)barrax2010-02-07

And I will subscribe, btw.

barrax (author)TigerNod2010-02-07


knexguy (author)2010-02-06

It's definitely the sort of weapon you would empty then drop rather than reloading in a war.

barrax (author)knexguy2010-02-06

yeah, i can see where your coming from

i modded it to have a 9/10 shot magazine, and a longer barrel, thats the version that will be posted.

CraftySNAK3 (author)2010-02-02

this thing looks beastly!

Mr. Muggle (author)2010-02-02

nice, a bit like knexfreek's shotgun

barrax (author)Mr. Muggle2010-02-02


that was one of the reasons i wasn't going to post it at first... it wasn't meant to be like it, but it did end out like his...

Mr. Muggle (author)barrax2010-02-02

cool gun anyway

stale56 (author)2010-02-02

I saw on another gun, that used the same ammo, the guy put a green rod ( I don't know if it was taped or not) through the orange connectors.

That would probably make loading easier.

Anyways, it seems good, not your prettiest gun, but, still, effective.

barrax (author)stale562010-02-02

i dunno what you mean by that?

through the whole in the orange cons?

that physically wouldn't work with my magazine (its a unique magazine and its not bad, but its not great either)...

~KGB~ (author)2010-02-02


erikos kostarikos (author)2010-01-31

Nice gun!!!5*.
And faved

barrax (author)erikos kostarikos2010-01-31



erikos kostarikos (author)barrax2010-01-31

You're welcome!=D

barrax (author)erikos kostarikos2010-01-31

you know you had a red dot sight with a red y connector as a dot... i cant seem to find the pics to them, could you put some pics in a reply please, mate?



erikos kostarikos (author)barrax2010-01-31

Wich one do you mean?With a tiny red rod from a rollercoaster as red dot?

barrax (author)erikos kostarikos2010-01-31


i think so yeah

the Y connecto/black hand... thats actually red in your case...

erikos kostarikos (author)barrax2010-02-01

I have blue and red Y-connectors, but can you tell me in which instructable I've put in in?
Because I still don't know which one you meaun.=P

barrax (author)erikos kostarikos2010-02-01

the problem is, i cant find the image, so i dont know where you put it in...

just look through your library so and look for one with Red Y connectors in please mate...

thanks :)

erikos kostarikos (author)barrax2010-02-02

Sorry, but I think you mean someone else, because I really can't find it.
I took a look in my library but I couldn't find sights, except on the SR-v3.
It's 3 blue 3d connectors with tires around it, and then there is an orange rail thingy at the front.
More I couldn't find, but then I think i've already removed it...

erikos kostarikos (author)barrax2010-02-02

I'll take a look for you.

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