Hey Guys,

This is another war weapon, and I think its pretty cool.

Its a Bullpup Crossbow, that uses a ratchet at the back, connected to the trigger about half way down the gun.

It was originally designed to save pieces, and it kindof does (cause i managed to make 2).

It uses what I_A_C called bending limbs (meaning the bow is in more than one section on each side).

I haven't actually tested the range, but that depends almost entirely on the rubber bands you use.

So, lets make ;)

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Step 1: Body

Step 2: Fit the Body Together.


could have put this in the last step....

but also, notice how the group of three one, isn't there.

it needs to have blues remember....

Step 3: Trigger and Mech.

make bla.

also, on the last pic, dont put the tan clip in.....

Step 4: Fitting the Body Together a Bit More...

get 30 whites, not 15

and BLAA

Step 5: Putting the Trigger In


Step 6: Handle


Step 7: Stock

just do it.

Step 8: Grip

do it.

Step 9: Bow

remember the set of three links, that  i talked about in the first step??

this is it... but now add to it.

HOW MANY PARTS DO U HAVE??????????????
OVER 9000!!!
thats a pretty nice......AKIMBO!!!!!
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stop please :/
Ripoff of me.
i know, lol<br />
How is that funny?
idk<br />
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Great job on the trigger mech. 4 stars.<br />
thanks&nbsp;:)<br /> <br /> also did i get back to you on the famas mech?<br /> <br /> it had a completed mech, but i never shot it... because a grey firing pin wouldnt fit... i took pictures of is without it shooting and immah put it in an instructable as a &quot;working model&quot;<br /> <br /> now i have an M16 vietnam style :)<br />
guess what AKIMBO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
No, you didn't. Thanks for the update. :)<br />
has it got a mag
i think so coz it says its a bullpup and that means that the magazine is bheind the handle but the magazine could also be fake
the mag doesnt have to be behind the handle i think the bullets just have to load behind the handle, look at the p90 thats a bullpup
the p90 has a mag... and to answer 101mans question - no it does not have a mag... Its a cross bow and normal crossbows (IRL) do not havea mag. -barrax-
akim...only joking I agree I mean realistically you couldnt hold and fire many or any guns with one hand other than a pistol <br />
I've tried a sawed-off shotgun one handed, and sprained my wrist.
i made a knex sawn off full barreled too they dont shoot though
AKIMBO!!!!!!<br /> <br /> You don't rule me. XD
LiAR<br /> <br /> bow down!!<br />
NOW!&nbsp; He means it.....
No, or I won't post the F2000.<br /> <br /> WIN.
I don't care....
in picture 1, I think the gun would be better if you switched the yellow connector with the bendy connector on the right-hand side, so it's between the bendy connector and the blue rod<br />

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