Barrel Cabinet





Introduction: Barrel Cabinet

Step 1: Barrel

Find a wine barrel 225l

Step 2: Paint

Paint the barrel the color that u would like or the color that will match your furniture

Step 3: Cut

Make a cut this will be the doors

Step 4: Doors

Put the doors together and install them.

Step 5: Paint

Cover the wood and paint the rings with a color that will match your house decoration

Step 6: Lack

After the paint is dry put some lack so it is shiny

Step 7: Inside



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    Probably my screen, but the finnished barrel looks like plastic...
    Nice Steampunky look though, clever. :)

    Love it! What did you use to hold the metal hoops onto the staves: rivets? If so, what kind, please? Thanks... I'm making a wine barrel coffee table. May try your instructions for my second barrel.

    Carelitri i dont know if only one cn work because the door are a bit heavy, you still can use 2 on each door but dont install them too separate, i would say like 3 inches a part, my friend made another one and he used 2 hinges in each door also and he used the big ones and still looking nice. The reason to use two hinges in each door is more for decoration. Thanks for the discussion

    One more thing...those who decide to tackle this project please let me warn you of not using two hinges like we did. If I had to do it again I will only use a bigger hinge right in the middle of the door or if using two putting them together. The reason for this is because the curved shape of the barrell.

    I had a barrel that was left outside and it was getting quite bad, so after seeing your project I started mine. Thanks for the ideas.

    A few things that I have done differently. First off, having such a nice barrel I though it was a crime to paint it and cover the beautiful wood you had. With this in mind I gave a coat of clear varnish to mine trying to maintain the wood color. I believe is worth mentioning that the hinges is a tricky part. I am unable to open my doors to much...I still need to find a solution to that problem. I am also working on the inside and the project is not completed yet. I need a latch to close the doors and I will place a wine bottle holder inside along with the glass holder that is already in place. I have also added casters to make it easy to move.

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    Sorry for the last two pics, they are taken inside with a flash and the color does not make it justice. I will re-attempt with natural light.

    The door are held with screws and the tools that i used was a drill and an electric saw.

    I'm working on my own barrel now. What tool did you use to cut the slats out for the door? I'm thinking of starting it with a dremel and finishing with a hand-saw.

    You might want to explain about the straps you cut and how to keep them in place. Glue? Screws?

    The inside is coming soon!!

    Cool cabinet. I was planning on making an instructable of my own on a barrel cabinet. So in the (hopefully) near future you will see my version.

    Really Nice!!!....mmmmmm...Coto de Rioja ;-)