Barrel Extension for 'Wrecktangle'

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Introduction: Barrel Extension for 'Wrecktangle'

Well, I told DJ a while ago that I made a barrel extension for the 'Wrecktangle', or 'Rectangle', that makes it work better with red or yellow rods.
This is it.
A couple things:
When it's actually connected, it doesn't bend at ALL. It does without the gun itself though.
You could also use yellow rods instead of blues for the extension, but then it obviously wouldn't work for yellow rods.



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    Ok it looks weak. Like if you hit it, it would come off. And wouldn't it add some more friction

    Nah. It's actually pretty sturdy. Pretty much as sturdy as the rest of the gun. And yes, it does add friction. But it adds accuracy for yellow and red rods. So it's pretty much worth it. Try it if you have a 'tangle built.

    OK, if I ever built the tangle I'll use.

    Also can you post a picture of the wrecktangle?? Or is it the same as the rectangle??

    Same as Rectangle. Slight mods. Check page 3 of the Rectangle thread on KI.

    Mepain's modded trigger
    Ammo holder
    Reinforced pin guide structure at the back.

    Are the wrecktangle instructions ay KI?

    There are none.

    Oh, he took it down.

    But seriously, you need instructions?!?!?

    There were instructions on ibles, but oodalumps made the author take it down.