I'll do it, and I'll add the mech.
I found some more peices and finisheed it mostly, I just suck at mechs. Here's a pic to give you an idea of how small the mech will have to be. please make a better barrel, I'll make a muzzle brake for it.
Okay, but PM me pics of it, I can't make out the details.
what parts do you want pics of?
 the main body, I need you to give me more detailed pics.
I didn't receive any pictures.
You need to unbend the fake barrel.<br />
yeah, like I said, I ran out of peices. I would, but can't.
k<br />
does that mean u want too?
nahhh, im selling my knex...<br />
for an airsoft gun? If so, take a look at Echo 1 guns. They're really really good, and pretty cheap. (For a good airsoft gun)
yup, i live in ireland so im gettin it from mia, pure quality! lol, im gonna get a really good assault rifle<br />
is mia a company or store? what kind of assault rifle? some are better than others.
its both, mostly an m16 or a magpul masada... i know...<br />
FIRST<br />
actually no your not!<br /> <br /> look at the time of my comment<br />
no thanks!<br />
k.....its way better than bakens and im not even done yet!

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