This is a 3D, scale drawing of a Barrett 50 Calibre sniper rifle. As seen in Call Of Duty MW2 and MW3!! I drew it at school after I became reasonably good at the program ProDesktop which I was using to create images of my design project for my A level DT course.

And this is the result of many hours of work (i dread to think how many). Initially I made it as eleven seperate components, but i thought it would be better as one file. So here it is:

(Any suggestions of things to draw in ProD are welcome and I will try to upload them to the site when i finish them! Thanks)
<p>Please make a Colt M16A3</p>
<p>can you make a M-60</p>
Barrett 50 cal doesn't have a diamond shape receiver...
Oh man. I am good at the Barrett.

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