Final version. Instructions suck. Read Image notes. Sorry. \

Range: 65 Feet MAX
Power: Decent
Size: around 4 1/2 feet
War weapon: Oh god. hell no.
Fun: invent new meter-broke current one

Working on Christmas replica, comrades. Reznov liked to use this gun in WWII. *Hint* *Hint*

Step 1: Muzzle Brake

Note the structure and How it connects to the barrel.

Step 2: Bipod

Note the rubber feet. They are nessesary if you want the bipod to work. This was influenced by the Z35 bipod.

Step 3: Carry Handle

Don't try to carry it with this.

Step 4: Shell

The sides of the gun.

Step 5: Inner Barrel/Front Section

Exactly what it sounds like.

Step 6: Guts

The middle part.

Step 7: Stock

Pin is in here.

Step 8: Scope and Mag

Both modded from motaboi's cheytac m200.

Step 9: Fake Charging Handle

Fun to rack.

Step 10: If You Could Build This.....

Not to diss your gun butt my instructions are easyer
<p>After making this i made a motovational poster.</p>
This is still being made three years after you posted it. :3
Thanks for the mini tut everything was easy to see and build I only had a problem with the barrel and ammo pusher
well if u make the part where the carrry handle connects to the gun stronger u can use the carry handle
Looks good but the front barrel isn't very good... make it 4 or 5 layers, I swear, I'm building my own version right now and used first a 3-layer barrel with 7-way coneectors too, but I didn't even get 3 feet range or something... :P<br>Just use 4/5 layers if you're gonna build a long gun like this.
it got good range for a three layer barrel. I was more concerned with the gun being realistic than operating well, but it does operate quite well. 65 feet with a slight angle.
I would prefer to build your gun rather than mahmel barrot 50 cal because i built his and it didn't work and i think the barrel looks really good, love your gun 5*.
Nah i can't believe that, there's way too much friction and 7-wayconnectors have also little dots which makes it even more harder for the the bullet to fly through the barrel.
the mech is good, blocks far back.
Again, I can't believe it. And that's nice said. Video please.
I'm not gonna rebuild it just to make a vid of range. If you don't believe it, that's fine. It is the internet after all. If I do not back up my claims with proof, you have every reason to question the maximum range.
Ok. I'm sorry, I did sound a bit trolly.
Nah, I don't think you did. You don't have to be sorry for anything.
K, sorry for being sorry
That's so epic cool, love your gun .
omg just looking at pics of it and tht is the best looking scope that i have ever seen on a knex sniper <br>
Thanks, It's modified MotaBoi.
lol <br> <br>Carry handle (dont try to carry it with this)
Yeah, it breaks off and then the universe explodes lol
5* f**king love it!
thanks! pic?
Definitely an awesome replica, but the blue part of the barrel looks really thin, does the bullet occasionally hit the sides?
Thanks! The bullet travels through the barrel, which creates alot of friction.
Ah yes, I see now, I thought the orange clips where spaced further apart so the bullet could &quot;rattle&quot; so to speak :P
if you made the barrel 5 thick you would get more power
It would be less realistic tho...
Man, this is awesome. This belongs together with the best knex replica's on the site. My favorite feature is the muzzle break. The magazine is awesome too, amzing to see how much detail went into this. <br> <br>By the way, looking at the maybe-not-so-very-obvious hint, my &quot;comrade&quot;, are you building a Mosin Nagant? :-P
Thanks man! Lol, it's actually a PPSH-41. Good guess though.
wow 5* ofcourse! <br> <br>*whisperstohiself daamn...*
Nice gun 5*. Can I use your scope
Go ahead and use it!
This gun is epik!!! 5*
Amazing! This keeps getting better and better and now it's nearly perfect!<br>The only thing wrong is the barrel sag, which can't be fixed though :(
Yes it can, a row of oranges along the length of the barrel on the white connectors! Like the top rail here:<br> <br>
what gun is that?
My rubbish turreted Lt. Licourice, without turret. Didn't turnout tooo good, there a slideshow on it.
i see it was prolly due to not having it as long
Well,it was powerful, just it started to not fire, with noe reason at all
That would ruin the looks and not help much.
Actually it would smooth the barrel out.
Even if it did, that would require a huge amount of pieces and it would look fugly.

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