This is version 3 of my barrett replica. Credit to motaboi for the scope. The mag is a modified version of motabois. Tell me what you think. this gun has an extremely great mech. With the weakest possible bands, a full mag, and all the true barrel, it almost shoots.
omg so nice nice nice<br>
I like the muzzle break
far the best gun can u please please please i beg post this and does it shoot?
Sorry for the late reply. V3.5 got around 65 feet. I'm making a 4.0 and posting it for Christmas.
I really like the mag pusher mech thats really creative i never wouldve thought of that..
Lol textured butt.
replica's dont get better than this
Thanks! I made it better tho, the pics are in a new slideshow.
<em>&quot;Carrying handle (don't try to carry it with this)&quot; </em><br> Lol.<br> <br> Oh, and I'd also like to say that my legacy lives on with the textured butt, lol.<br> <br> Nice looking gun.<br>
Thanks! I'll go take some pics of 3.5.
It almost shoots? That does sound bad LOL, but also it is a bit stupid having a scope, then adding flip up sites.
Don't you mean sights? (Not sites...)
Yea, ~Aeronous~, use proper grammer.
'Yea'? Go suck on a dog.
Yeah. And I'm not that stupid.
Righhttt... No, really, I kid.
I meant, that you didn't need to say '(not sites...)'
It almost shoots with maximum possible mag friction and weakest bands possible. Real barretts have BUIS's on them, in adition to scopes.
epic! 5*, if it was posted, id give it a shot! well made!
Thanks! Anything I could improve?
well what do you mean it nearly shoots??? maybe you could fill the stock a bit...
With a full mag (Maximum chamber friction), and the weakest possible bands, the bullet almost makes it out of the barrel. In contrast, with the same band and a full mag, Motaboi's intervention's bullet barely left the chamber. What do you mean by filling in the stock a bit?
ok... make the stock fatter at the bottom the real one...
the bottom part of the stock... im remaking my p90 aswell
Can I see a pic of the P90? Are you going to use realistic magazines? I fixed th stock, btw. Much better now.
sorry, ill have pics soon, its very hard getting it to work... epic!
nice, looks like you used my barrel too :)
Thanks! It is not your barrel, Or Gtrains. It is similar tho.
oh ok
thanks! Anything I could improve?
I'm working on perfecting the mech.
awsome ..................................................................yeah 5
Thanks! anything I could improve?
um the scope could be a bit beter and the red rods on the stock where a little bit of a let down but evrthing else is awsome
What could I improve on the scope? Why are the red rods a let down?
where the front end of the scope could have more parts to make it less skelitony but only the front the rest of the scope is fine and the red rods dont semm to be thick enough aand they for me dont look quit right it's a rudicrusly amazing gun their just minor hitches
How should I fix the scope/stock?
scope put more rods in the front or some frame work and stock you could use frame work instead of just rods
POST!!! 5*
try making the barrel less flimsy, maybe add a string of orange connectors on the white rods.
There are already orange connectors in the barrel.
I meant on the white rods that are sticking out.
<strong>Very nice!</strong><br> <br> <br> <strong><em>I have a couple of pointers if you want them.</em></strong><br> <br> <br> Try setting your camera on Macro Mode for the close up images. Take 2-3 images per angle, then choose the best of them. That way you should get nice and clear images.<br> <br> Macro mode is usually either in the main menu under 'Mode' or 'Exposure mode' or on the little mode wheel on the top if your camera has one.<br> <br> If you don't have Macro mode, try standing back further and zooming in, this should make the images clearer, giving your camera room to focus.<br> --<br> <br> <br> <em>Take your pictures in a bright, dry environment. Outdoors on a sunny or even cloudy day is excellent. This way light tends to be more spread around and even, eliminating most shadows and dark spots.</em><br> --<br> <br> Just thought I'd throw them at ya. <strong>Very nice work dude.</strong><br> <br> <br>
Thanks for the tips. I would use the tips, but I only have my iPhone camera. Anything I can improve on the gun?

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