the Simpsons are a part of everyones memory
and it is part of my childhood memory
the first picture i had taken for a passport was while i was wearing a bartman t-shirt
so this puppet is connected with my childhood

you will need:
a lot of thin sponge/foam   (it is found in mattresses to cover the springs)so use an old mattress because you can find this on
the street or in your attic
spray paint yellow purple
styrofoam balls (found in craft stores)
craft rubber(also craft stores)
cheap fleece, purple and orange black (99 cents store in europe in form of blanket)
some metal wire
hot glue
contact cement(builders market)
duct tape

tools :
hot glue gun
a pencil or old paint brush to apply the contact cement
sewing machine
face mask for painting if you paint  indoors
pliers to cut metal wire

Step 1: Cut and Glue

cut two pieces from your sponge
50/30 centimeters and 30 /30 centimeters
one will form a big cylinder an the other a small one
make a stencil  of a triangle for the hair from a piece of cardboard
mark the triangles with a marker
cut triangles

glue the sides of the piece to form a cylinder
do the same with the small piece

to glue you need to apply the contact cement on both sides of the sponge ,wait two minutes and then bond the edges together  always use contact cement for sponge because it works really good and it is elastic

I think the stuff you make Is amazing!!!!!!!!
Hi,<br><br>Good job on the puppet.<br>The thin foam you are using is called Polyfoam. <br>For an even lighter and breathable result, use another foam called Scott Foam.<br>Whichever the foam, make sure you don't get it from used mattresses or furniture.<br>People sleep or sit on them, and they leave skin oils and skin cells, bacterias and even some bugs. You can get really sick from those.
Nice Instructable. The puppet really looks great.
This is seriously awesome. Well done!

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