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(Comments Appreciated!) :D

Materials you'll need: (note: click on links below for images of items)

1. Two wooden boards Aprox. (32"'x 4"x 3/4")
2. Five 2" wood screws
3. Two small Eye Screws
4. Two Keeper Spring Links
5. White glue or wood glue
6. Paint or transparent lacquer

Tools I used:

1. Jigsaw
2. Drill
3. Rotary Tool
4. Sander
3. Drill bits
4. Hole saw
5. Screw bit
6. Tape measure
7. Combination square

Step 1: Sand Measure & Mark

First - Sand both boards thoroughly using medium then fine sandpaper until nice and smooth on all sides and be sure to sand all the edges as well... This will give it a nice smooth feel to it. (1st photo)

Next, draw a line all the way down the middle of one of the boards, (line not seen here), then starting from the edge, make the first mark 2.5" from the edge (see 2nd photo), then every 3 inches (3rd photo). (this is where you will be making each hole)

Now, measure the width of the knob on a bat and choose a hole saw a bit smaller than the bat knob and drill the first hole. In order to make a clean hole on both sides, stop drilling once the guide bit comes out the other side of the board. Turn the board over and finish the hole form the other side. Next, draw the two cut-out lines where the bat will slide into. It's a good idea to measure the handle of a bat to get an idea. The width of the cut-out should be slightly smaller than the hole you made as you can see in the 4th photo.

Once you've checked your measurements, make the cuts and test with a bat.

If all is good, drill-out all the remaining holes, (Don't forget to stop half way and flip the board to finish each hole from the other side!) (5th photo)

Then measure and mark all of the remaining cut-out sections.

(My boards were long enough for 10 bats... make yours as long or short as you like.)

Very nice build!
Thank you... :)
<p>i love this!!! I've made a couple, slightly modified, and they work great! if i find time i'll upload a photo or 2. first instruct able I've done, great job, and thank you!!!</p>
That's awesome! Glad you liked it and looking forward to seeing pics. ?
Here it is.
<p>Looks great, well done! :D</p>
I'm starting the project right now!
Awesome! Post a picture of your finished project if you can. ?
Awsome idea. So tired of my teams bats being on the ground. Going to make this for next season for sure. Thank you for the instuctable.
Glad you liked it... be sure to post a picture of yours when you're done!
Just made a rack for some pipe clamps with the same design. doesn't look nearly as nice though.
Thanks.. :) Are you going to make an instructable for your pipe project?
This is a very nice looking rack, well done!
Thanks... I think it only took me about 2.5 hours to make. I guess it helps if you have most of the tools on hand. :)

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