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Homemade batting station I made for my son. Supplies bought for less than $10 at Lowes. Just find the pile of scrap/defective pieces in the back in the lumber department. They range from 25 cents to a couple of dollars.

Post is a 4 x 4 (.50)
Top is a 2 x 4 (.25)
Bottom is a 1 x 4 (1.00)

Bungee is attached to hook screws on the top and bottom boards. Bottom board is attached to the 4 x 4 post and buried about 3-4 inches (more if your post is long enough). I ran the bungee through a golf ball and have another bungee (on the ground in the pic) with a real baseball. Can also be modified to include a softball as well.

This is just like a tee except you don't have to chase or pick up balls. Plus, if you open your hands too quickly, the bat will bounce back. This forces the hitter to keep his or her hands inside and follow through.


brian.stone.71216 (author)2015-04-28

easy to make took about 45 mins.

That looks great. I hope it has been beneficial.

dylanbader19 (author)2015-02-09

best invention out there brotherin

welchjr (author)dylanbader192015-09-27

Thanks. Makes it a lot less time consuming than a tee, right? I've used this from little league all the way up to my varsity players. My 9 year olds hitting improved tremendously after he started using the golf ball.

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