Introduction: Baseball Bracelet!

Enjoy this DIY bracelet you can make out of an old baseball! 


tagglisson99 (author)2013-05-02

This looks awesome! Im totally going to do this!

Sienafit (author)tagglisson992013-08-10

Glad you liked it!

RushFan (author)2013-05-02

Very nice. Wonder if 1 baseball is big enough for a necklace?

Sienafit (author)RushFan2013-08-10

It would be a pretty small necklace but I think it might work!

21GeeOff21 (author)2013-05-03

That's genius. I think I'll probably do this. Would make a really cool watch band too.

Sienafit (author)21GeeOff212013-08-10

Yeah it would make a great watch band! Great idea!

cart562 (author)2013-05-02

I've got a few friends who would enjoy this.

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