A lady at work showed me a pic of a shelf like this & asked if I could make one for her son. And of course I would never say I can't do something so I figured out what I needed & got started!

Step 1: Tools & Materials

Just basic tools are needed. A saw, a drill, a grinder or hack saw & that's about it. Materials: 3- boards (I bought 8x6' cedar fence boards) 2- 3/8x36" all thread 4- 3/8 nuts 4- 3/8 flat washers 20- used baseballs Optional brackets to hang
@jakexu50 I made it to hang on a wall. If you wanted to leave it on the floor I suppose you could leave the 2 balls off the bottom and counter sink the board so it's flat.
<p>This may be a dumb question, but does it stand on its own fairly well?</p>
@Elguapo825 That looks awesome!
used cedar wood and stained it
Thanks Brandon!
Happy birthday!
Such a fun idea!
Nice Brock! I'll get right on that!
Greetings. Long time watcher, first time poster. Awesome shelf. I'd like to order one with bowling balls.
Hehe, that's great! <br> <br>Shame your photos are blurry...

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