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Introduction: Baseball Practice Pad

It's hard to practice for the big game when no one wants to play. You still need to practice, so use this stomp pad. you can hit, and bunt its a great way to play when your buddy cant.

Step 1: Things You Will Need.

you will need the follwoing...
a drill,
some wood (see picture for details),
screw driver,
scroll saw,
and a drill bit(for predrilling holes for srews).

Step 2: Drilling

place the 2 blocks of wood that are the length of the main frame about 4" abouve have line, Drill right through and put screws in.

Step 3: Ball Holder

Place the one pice of wood that is the length of the main frame on the top end that falls to the ground. Drill and screw it in.
place the two remaining pices sandwiching the ball Drill and screw then in. (for more detail see picture).

Step 4: Practice

Go out and practice!!!!

sorry for the tilted picture.



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    That's what a tee is for

    voted at the top of the page, Good Luck! (^^,)

    Very goodd idea!
    You should add a perpendicular plank at the end of they oder one and step on that one.
    That should keep your feet parallel.

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    thanks I wiil

    ps can you go to the launch it contest and vote for this!!!!!

    smart thanks I will>