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Here's my basement workshop.  I'ts great to have a place to work year around, rain or shine. 
Needless to say I spend a lot of time here. 

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    This is just way to organized, I would never be able to find what I'm NOT looking for. Also you miss that special feeling of discovery when you finally find that other thing that you were looking for and forgot that you had because it has been buried under the pile left from the last 2 projects.
    Seriously, what would hardware stores do for business if everyone didn't buy 6 hammers just so they could find one when they needed it. And then when you make the effort to keep them all in one place and forget where that place is so now you have to go and get yet another one.

    I went to an auction for a local hardware store that closed and the most annoying thing they did was group all the tool together and then sell them in lots. So one guy would get 50 files, 30 of which were the same, and another guy would get all screwdrivers. I bought about 30 grinding wheels of various sizes and met up with the guy who got the wire wheels and the other guy who got the buffing pads and we all swapped. But then you get the guy who got sockets and he decides to keep them all because he needs 20 1/2 sockets.

    Wow - such an incredible workspace! THIS is what I'll aim for one day (but hopefully I'll have it outside in a shed). I really like your shelving units where the laptop is - must be nice to have them stack on top of each other like that so you can see where your stuff is. Those wire rack shelves are also a good idea and something I'll have to remember. Nice to see you have a whiteboard too - I couldn't imagine doing my own work without one. Thanks for the inspiration :)

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    I installed vertical brackets for adjustable shelving on most of the walls. Its a very useful and versatile arrangement, as you can get brackets for normal wood plank shelving or for the wire mesh shelves. You can also get large hooks that work with the brackets for holding up larger items.

    The small TV to the upper rigtht of the laptop also mounts to the adjustable vertical brackets. I made a special bracket that allows a tv wall mount that would ordinarily be screwed into wall studs to hook into the slots on the wall brackets instead.

    The holders for the spools of wire also hook into the wall brackets. I just used the type of brackets for wood shelving, and drilled a hole in each for a rod to pass through to hold up the spools.

    Best of luck setting up your ideal workspace!

    I've been below grade and on the surface. I have to admit I enjoy the view more topside. I don't miss getting flooded out periodically either! Though my old cellar lab did have a bit of a Frankenstein's lair thing going on with it that inspired me to create a few good projects in it.

    While every workspace is a personal expression I like a lot of what you've done with yours. I think we may have the same label maker.

    It's great to have your own working space to get away from everything. I have a small workshop in my garden, love it. I like that mini-lathe you have.
    I didn't cheak if there is an ible but maybe you can make an ible about how to use a lathe for beginners ;-)

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    If you are interested in learning more about the mini lathe, or using a metal lathe in general, I would highly recommend the site The site doesn't actually sell the lathes, but they have all kinds of great tutorial information on how to set up your lathe, get started, as well as guides for how to perform different types of machining with the lathe. The material on the mini-late site is better than any I could put together.

    The material I found there was definitely what made me feel confident enough to go ahead and actually buy the lathe. Its a really fun tool and I have no regrets in having purchasing one.