I live in a flood zone, and have to be prepared for water seeping up through the basement floor. When I built my workbench, I put the legs in 5 gallon plastic buckets for protection and trash. 
<p>My wife and I are designing a new home and I think this is a great way to protect the things in your basement. I really want to put a workshop down there once it is all taken care of and I think your idea about using five gallon buckets will really help keep everything clean. These are some great ideas and I hope they help me in the future. Thank you for sharing. http://www.kmhallconcrete.com/en/</p>
Ok ....5 gallon buckets for trash but under the legs ? how do you empty them.<br>I put a hook on the end so the bucket is half under the bench and mark the top....brush between the lines ...into the bucket and lift off the hook and into the outside can. but that's just me :-)

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