Hi, you guys! :D I'm Shinigami-san  and I would like to present to you my first Instructables ! Please look at the following Powerpoint for instructions on how to draw basic anime eyes using Photoshop .
Please R&R and attach the eyes you've drawn after going through this tutorial! ^^
~ Shinigami-san
Wow, thank you! :) Haha, sorry about that, I was worried that people wouldn't understand what I was talking about, so I tried to be as thorough as possible. <br>1. Wait, what's the Step-By-Step format? <br>2. WOAHHHH. O___O&quot;&quot;&quot; You can do that? Omggg, I had no idea what Saturation did tbh. XD In fact, I would still say I'm a beginner at Photoshop. <br>3. Uhhh... &gt;.&gt;&quot; My bad. Haha, I just made the tutorial as though I was speaking to one of my friends via chat, also this is a tutorial I made from 2 years ago. <br>4. Oh, that's true... Hm, using filters could also work, no? <br>5. Yeahhhhhhhh...but most people aren't as techy as you are to know how to change the mouse sensitivity settings. :P <br>Heyyyyy, no problem. I was thinking about making another tutorial this summer because I have more free time (I haven't logged onto Instructables ever since I made this tutorial). Any ideas? <br>~ ShinigamiSan
Okay, first off, excellent instructions! (although they were a bit redundant for me because I know photoshop inside and out) <br> <br>Some critiques from a semi-experienced Instructables and Photoshop user: <br> <br>1. Use the Step-By-Step format. While it takes a bit of time to set it up, it is much more intuitive for us long-time users! <br> <br>2.Retracing is kinda redundant. Simply hit Ctrl-A (Select All), then Ctrl-U (Hue-Saturation), then turn lightness to -100. Presto, Black! If you want grey, turn Saturation to -100, then adjust lightness to your preference. <br> <br>3. Keep emoticons to a minimum. <br> <br>4. another way to blend colors (what I typically do, at any rate), is to use the pencil tool to draw hard spots of the 2 colors I want, then use the smudge tool to blend them. I generally like doing this over gradients because it gives me more control. <br> <br>5. To quote: &quot;However, I advise against using a mouse-pad because it restricts movements and maybe even the quality of the piece.&quot; <br> <br>Not if you have your mouse set to go across the screen when moved a quarter of an inch. ;) <br> <br>Overall, I found this quite helpful! Thanks for posting.

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