Introduction: Basic Arduino Time and Date Display

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I am Davis

This is my first ever instuctable so dont be to harsh

This is for a basic clock displayed on an LCD Display

Step 1: Setup and Equipment

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First of all the equipment:

1x Arduino device ( I use a Freetronics Arduino UNO)

1x LCD Shield (I use a Freetronics LCD Display)

1x A computer

The setup is quite easy

Just clip the LCD on top of the Arduino or connect corresponding wires.

Step 2: Code

I wrote this code so it works for me, but you might have to modify it a little for your shield

Unfortunatly i could not copy it into this guide, so it will be displayed in a notepad file for download

Step 3: Output

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If this was a success for you, then your shield should display the same as the image!

Please share and comment and show images if you have made a better version!

Step 4:


Daviswatts1234 (author)2015-04-06

Hello all!

Razvan 12 (author)2017-06-27


How can I include this code in another code ?

МиленЦ (author)2016-02-01

Hi! I am new to this and using the same display, but without the shield, and an Arduino Mega. How to make it works?

Hmm, I do not own a MEGA. I would assume that it is same situation (plug onto corresponding area). I will have a look at one at some point soon and I will see how to do it there. I need to get a mega anyway hahaha

Daviswatts1234 (author)2015-04-07

Please post pictures if you have made a variation!!!! I would love to see it!!

tomatoskins (author)2015-04-07

Cool! How acurate is your clock?

Extremely, If you factor in the 13.12 second time to upoad to the arduino board (might vary if youuse a different one) and you set the time and date 13 seconds ahead (Incode) then it should be very acturate. I thinkmine was 1 second off.
If you want i can upload a video showning you how to?

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Bio: I am a Grade 8 student from australia. I have only been learning arduino for 1 month
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