Picture of Basic Batch

In this Instructable I will show you the basics of CMD and batch files, below is a picture of my cmd window.

This is my first instructable!!!

Step 1: Starting CMD

Picture of Starting CMD
To Start CMD go Start>Run and Type CMD, or Start>All Programs>Accesories>CMD/Command Prompt but if you still can't find it download the file below, then start it.

To Download a File Right Click and Select Save Target and save it as Whatever.bat
CMD.bat34 bytes
this is a very nice instructable, continue working on the interface file, if you need some inspiration visit Tatcreator's instructable, TAT subsystem, and also view my instructable, The Megafile, and again very nice instructable.

And don`t forget my BAT32!
vorlock (author)  Psychic Master5 years ago
Thank you,
This was my first Instructable and I chose something simple to start off with. At the moment I am making another Instructable about Batch Pranks which involves non-stop frezzing and the computer shutting down at startup. (Not Yet Published) 
What happened to step 3 on your instructable, and I cut the file on the end in half because the first bit is confusing and i wanted to make it bigger before I showed someone the whole piece.
lemonie5 years ago
There are so many basic DOS / .bat Instructables and a vast amount of stuff elsewhere on the internet that it would be worth showing something new / different / unique or novel. It doesn't have to be super-complex, but of some real use and not seen before.
You appear to have used the same image 5 times, it would be better to take screenshots of the actual code you're referring to in the steps.

vorlock (author)  lemonie5 years ago
Thanks for the tip, but i had the same picture 5 times because i kept on getting big grey squares on the screen. But i will change the pictures.
lemonie vorlock5 years ago
Yes, I think it may be a file-format thing, but if it isn't post a Forum topic in Help: Bugs

vorlock (author)  lemonie5 years ago
Finished it  take a look at the new pictures.
lemonie vorlock5 years ago
Ah yes. But the password in the .bat is "Thomas" not "Cows", isn't it?

vorlock (author)  lemonie5 years ago
It was Thomas but i forgot to update the file so now it is not thomas or cows but cow.

(just updated file)

Could you please take a look at Batch Pranks for me