Picture of Basic Bike tricks and Skills
Ok this is my instructable about your basic bike tricks, so far I'm covering:

*Stoppies or Endos
*Other bits and pieces.

This instructable is likely to be added to from time to time, however since I had such a good day today I wanted to get photos and start writing away...

Written as a follow up to My guide to urban cycling

Also this is entered in the Bike month contest, please do vote or rate this 'ible if you like it...

Another Also, it is best advised to wear a helmet for cycling, was being naughty and arrogant by not, even though most of these were performed at low speed, to help the camera, I know I have no excuse at all for the jumping and I would like to make it clear that a helmet is the most important accesory a person can have for their bicycle...

Step 1: The slide...

Picture of The slide...
Ok we're starting with the most basic showing off you can do, alway fun on loose ground and wet days, also it's the easiest trick to pull off.

Basically the plan is to lock the back wheel up and get the back end to step out by turning like that so.

Going at moderate speed on loose ground or on wet ground, you can do it on any surface but it'll wreck your tyres...

See a turn you'd like to slide around...

Pull the back brake hard, once the wheel locks up you'r e free to turn whenever...

When you're turning allow the end to step out and if you get uncomfortable you simply let go of the brake and go on as normal.

You can either skid to a halt or slide around a turn and let off the back brake and continue on.

If you don't know this one already you can get more comfortable by starting on slippy ground and just going at medium speed, lock the back wheel and make small turning movements to get used to the feeling of it.

Once you get better you can start fishtailing etc. this is where you add turns in the opposite direction to eachother and swing the end about.

Sliding can come in handy in lots of situations, on forest trails when you seriously misjudge a turn sliding around it at high speed can be alot easier than attempting to brake and turn with the front which leads to washing out...

If you go too low and start to fall you can kick the ground with the inside leg to lean up or just drop down and slide to a halt, in most cases I find falling from a badly judged slide far less painful than when you wash out.
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SavannahT3 months ago

im a female, so how would that work for me? I want to learn how to ride without my hands... downhill

MehulJ14 months ago

what bike are you using

shadow spirt5 months ago

I finnaly figued out the name f it dismounting i thougt me and my broter were the only ones who did that.

wokwithme1 year ago

Would be nice to see the tricks done in a video.

Jackson k1 year ago
I got skills.
nasahansn1 year ago
hey thanx lot man.......
msaxena1 year ago
can any sort of trick be done on this bicycle? it hasn't got gear or disc brakes or suspension http://s22.postimg.org/3sap2pmz5/20131102_104411.jpg
B-RADD2 years ago
I live in the middle of the forest. I am OBSESSED with biking. I figured out a much easier way. What I do, and this depends on ur natural position on the bike. I go at a considerably slow speed. Then before I pull up, like a wheelie, I hook one of my feet under one of the pedals, the pedal is at its peak, and pull up. Both of my tires to up in the air, however I do have to lean forwards a bit but that is just normal for me. Hope this helps!!
Skullani3 years ago
I do the slide a lot and it kinda finishes my tire and a also do a trick where i cross my legs and ride
Some friends of mine built ramps and would jump the ramp to ramp. Its was awesome till my sister got around 4 feet of air and wasn't prepared for the landing.
She wrecked bad and had to get stitches.
killerjackalope (author)  jackjackboom3 years ago
Know that feeling... Last time I crashed I fractured my left elbow, had road rash half way up that forearm, tore up my leg, dented a hip bone, fractured/broke a bunch of bones in my wrist and got to work on time. Though I was covered in blood and my nasty work shirt was burnt to my arm...
Did you get the day off?
killerjackalope (author)  jackjackboom3 years ago
Aye, but hospital was really boring...
I can totally see why.
killerjackalope (author)  jackjackboom3 years ago
Did meet a guy who broke his toe because he dropped a frozen turkey on it. Was kind of funny...
Other ways a frozen turkey can hurt you:
-If you don't thaw it before you drop it in a turkey frier. (The water and ice boils to quickly that it will send a giant column of boiling steam and oil high up in the air.)
-Frozen turkey launched out of a compressed air canon used for airplane windshield testing.
(To name a couple.)
jeaton08173 years ago
This is great I can't wait to start doing tricks like this. I finally got me a real nice bike from http://www.bikesxpress.com
TheEvilFrog3 years ago
:O no helmet!
Aron3133 years ago
That is a mountain top not bunny hop!!!!!!!!! :P
the stig066 years ago
what jump? ya cant call that a jump... u guys need to check out a real bike...
You call a norco a "real" bike? you should check out a

cove foreplay
cove shocker
NS suburban
NS majesty
BLKMRKT killswitch

those are real bikes
yes! thts wat ive been tellin thm! to get a REAL bmx bike
ye and you have to go BIGGER. I think anybody can do those. Basic tricks are tables, one handers, tweeks, etc. I second what stig06 said, that isn't a jump. This is a SMALL jump
killerjackalope (author)  the stig066 years ago
Why is it people don't understand basic, no that's not a big jump, the fact that I couldn't even get a good photo of some stuff because at the time I was using a very old camera and my brother as a cameraman doesn't help but starting small, I was considering doing a second instructable about more advanced stuff.
Bike Master4 years ago
if your bike is to heavy to lift up the front wheel i go off curbs and pull up as i go off the curb it works pretty good.
3d607 years ago
for what its worth? I tried for ages, to bunny hop by chance wobbling home drunk on me bike, i did one..... took me ages to get there again, until I realised its about shifting weight, Stand up on your pedals as you roll slowly, you have to push down with both your arms and feet like compressing a spring, then push up on the handlebars and pedals, releasing explosively your body mass upwards, as your body weight reaches the top of its travel, pull your legs and arms closer in to you, effectively recompressing your body like a spring again, you will find the the mass of the bike rises off the ground. Now either hang in the air and land in this compressed manner or push down again so the bike touches down with your arms and legs bent to absorb it. This with practice makes a flat horizontal bunny hop, pulling up on the bars and then your feet makes the bikes front wheel get up quickly followed by the back, I call this an American bunny hop or up and over as I use to clear obstacles
lol 3d60 i was 8 when i learned it
killerjackalope (author)  3d607 years ago
I use the technique of shifting my feet up directly aswell, I can do a bunnyhop, my brother just can't take a photo of one... No he can't do one, which made the whole thing more difficult because he's an ok photographer but our camera is awful, need to get my new one...
Wesley6665 years ago
Not a Wheelie.  Its a Cat Walk.  A Wheelie you stay seated and ride on your back tire.  If I am correct you actually stand up and pedal up and keep pedaling, which is a Cat Walk.  Also your Bunny-hop is incorrect.  Your doing a Curb Hop.  Curb hop you bring the front wheel up first before raising the back tire.  A Bunny-hop is bring both up at the same time.

Other then that good Instructable.
 naw, sorry but your wrong. A bunny hop is when you bring front, then back tires off the ground. It helps you clear obstacles and fly higher. And also a "Cat walk" is actually a Manuel 
Wesley is correct: a bunny hop is when you bring both wheels up at the same time, however, where you may be getting confused is that when some people do a bunny hop, IF their technique is not super-clean, the biker will indeed FIRST lift the front wheel, then (but VERY shortly after, maybe 2 tenths of a second) will bring up the rear, but the essence of the bunny hop is that BOTH wheels should be off the ground at the same time, and for most of the duration of the hop.
I hope that clears it up.
Well, i think there is a difference in style here...
the point of raising the front wheel first is to actually hop higher, as you can lift the front wheel off the ground, above the obstacle and then push off with your back wheel to the level of your front wheel and over the obstacle. If that makes any sense, you will understand what i am saying.
But, then again, as long as it works, who cares? I certainly stopped in March of 2010.
No, I'm 100% sure a bunny hop you bring both up at the same time, Curb Hop is bring front up then the back.  You also should note that the internet isn't a very good source.  80% of the internet is porn, 15% is incorrect and only 5% is actually correct, factual information.  And I am also correct about the Cat Walk.  Wheelie you stay seated while coasting or pedaling, a Cat Walk is a standing position while pedaling.

 alright, but anyway the top bmx MAGAZINE and web site says otherwise. i haven't heard the term "cat walk"... Ever. 
Really?  Wow!  I live on my bike and I have always heard them called that. 
 Well, two different areas i guess... still cool names though!
I'm Canadian that explains everything...I'm talking polar bears, your talking bikes, makes complete sense!  LOL! : )
I am 100% sure about this, I would even put my buddies life on the line for this.
all the books and websites ive read have said it is to get more height but call it what ever you want
You haven't read enough...  He describes a Curb Hop or J-Hop.  Bunny hop is still a different trick.  So you get more height of a curb hop then a bunny hop.
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