Introduction: Basic Bow

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make this simple bow

Step 1: Prepare

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cut the ribbon (About 15 Inches - usually wrap it around my hand to decide the length). Use Any Width/ Color Ribbon

Step 2: Fold

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fold the ribbon into a bow. kinda like a pretzel looking shape.

Step 3: Sew

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sew a few stitches down the middle to make it secure.

Step 4: Hold

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pull the string, push up the ribbon until it gets "scrunchy" in the middle.

Step 5: Secure and Tighten

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wrap needle and thread around thw middle of the bow, also sewing through it about 2-3 times. cut thread and use a tiny dap of hot glue (what I use) to secure the lose end part of the thread.

Step 6: Done

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you should now have a basic bow. there is so much you can do, like add alligator clips or a barret.


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