I wrote a game in the C language that runs in command prompt.
It uses the wasd keys to move a 0 around in a sea of *s.
You can enter up to 6 wasd keys and then press enter.
This allows you to move one square at a time or move many squares at a time (which I like to call teleporting).

Link to code text file :

Link to code executable:

The code text file includes comments in which I do my best to explain the program.
I encourage you to build on this basic code. Try adding 7s that chase your 0 and 9s that attempt to protect your 0 but get eaten by the 7s.

I've only been with them for 2 Saturdays, but the Junior Knights Program at UCF is where I learned to program in C.  I thank them  them for all they've taught me in just those 2 days.
<p>Please convery this into actual batch code</p>
<p>How do you make this operatble on cmd?</p>

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