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Introduction: Basic Cinematography Tutorial

About: My name is Nick Roy. I am 18 years old and a high school student with a passion for creating films with my brother! I love helping others from the stuff I learn making movies and whenever i get the chance to...

So here's my tutorial on some basic cinematography to make your films look a lot more like they do in the movies. Keep in mind that there are many different ways of accomplishing the movie look. Depending on the genre of movie, and what you have available to you. (For example, if you have little to no budget, then try and film most of your scenes outside during the day as the sun is the brightest natural source of light, and the best part, IT'S FREE). However for this tutorial, the look I was going for was a high in contrast, dramatic look like you would see in an action movie right before a fight, or during a deep conversation between two characters.                     

Cinematography is all about having an idea of what you want the scene to look like in your head, and using any means necessary to make the scene turn out the way you pictured it. The way I did it in this video was all based on preference and what I liked. So go out there with your light equipment and try lots of different set ups!

Link to Cowboys Studios soft box lights.



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    Please post your final movie here to demonstrate all of your hard work!!

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    im going make an instructable on the movie too soon, but there's the link!

    This is a great instructable !:)