Step 4: Put It Back Together

Before we start screwing things back together lets dremel out a section for the switch to be. To do this measure your switch and dremel its shape into the edge of the case for your device. Fit the switch in place and superglue it in. Once the glue dries screw it back together.
Oh my gosh, I had one of these! The glitchy sounds are denfinetly an improvement.
can you post some of these sounds? L
there is a video in the last step, i could post more sounds but the switch i wired is a loop, you heard all the sounds it was set to make
Sorry, overlooked that. Yea, it's screwed up. Thanks L
I could be wrong, but I think that just shorting random pairs of solder points could pretty much distroy your electronic device. Obviously, this particular toy is not something you care too much about. But it's important to note not to do this on your iPhone, or anything like that.
i definitely agree, i used this toy because I had no other use for it
I wanted to be the first one to comment, I'm glad you made this annoying toy do something funny! I have no idea how you do it but it works! Great Instructable, easy clear directions, good photos and video. Where did you come up with this idea?
cool. i like the monkey noises it makes!

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