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Introduction: Basic Doctor Costume

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Hi. For this Halloween I decided to dress up as a doctor. This is my Instructuble on how to achieve the look of a doctor. I`ve made a video ,in which you can see the end result.

This is my first Instructable so any tip and comment will be very helpfull.

Step 1: Essential Item Number One

For a doctor costume one of the essential Items is the lab coat. If you have a friend ,who is a doctor or a nurse he can probably lend you his spare. If not you can buy one for about 15$.

Step 2: Essential Item Number Two

Next essential item is the scrub. That`s the blue-green piece of clothing that doctors wear under the lab coat. I chose to use a green t-shirt and a pair of jeans. If you want you can get one for about 10$. I decided that a t-shirt and jeans is good enough for me.

Step 3: Essential Item Number Three

The third essential item is accessories.

The most important is the stethoscope (but you can go without it if you dont wish to).

A mask is a good choice as well.

You can make a ID badge ,in which you can add a picture of yourself, your name and the name of a hospital.

Step 4: Go Party With Your Doctor Costume

Have Fun On Halloween and don`t forget to take lots of picture.

This is my first Instructable so any tip and comment will be very helpfull.



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    Ah, the classic doctor costume! Very simple, but well done. Thanks!