This project was developed so that you have a basic knowledge about what an encoder is. With 9 switches and 15 diodes (1N914), you can construct an encoder that can also monitor it with 4 LEDs for observing the binary codes-- from 1 to 9.

Step 1: Bill of Materials

1 Breadboard (830 points)

9 Tactile switches

15 Diodes (1N914)

1 Jumper wires packet for breadboard

4 Red LEDs

4 Resistors of 220 Ohm

What you will need:


Analog or Digital Caliper

Any Cable Cutter

Step 2: Installing the Switches

When installing the switches, you should connect their upside to the positive terminal with the orange wires.

Step 3: Checking the Diodes

For recognizing a diode, it.is necessary that on it be checked its cathode terminal. That side of your diode is marked with a black line. Also note that, you should cut the leads of the diodes until obtaining a measure of an inch considering the diode body.

Step 4: Installing the Diodes

When installing the diodes, interconnect them and reserve for the follow step. Without forgetting to observe the diagram of your project so that you make sure of each connection that you do.

Step 5: Observing the Diagram

Observe the diagram of your project if you want to have the best results. That is, I had better study carefully the diagram before beginning to do any connection in the project.

Step 6: Checking the LEDs

For checking a LED, it is necessary that it be observed on its terminals so that you can identify the cathode lead or using your multimeter for obtaining the same result. Then cut the LED leads with approximation of an inch if necessary.

Step 7: Installing the LEDs & Resistors

Installing the LEDs and resistors is only a part of this step because it also implies to connect the cathodes of the diodes to the LED anodes so that you can connect the resistors to both LED cathodes and GND of the whole circuit.

Step 8: Completing the Project

Connect the switches at the rest of the circuit so that you complete this project. That is, check each one of the connections done in the project and compare those with the diagram of your own project and so you make sure of what you did..

Step 9: Probing the Project

For probing the encoder, you need to connect to +5V and so having the enough power to work with this project.

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