The following is how I make French style breads from a basic recipe.

Depending on the size and quantity of dough used, you can produce:

- Boules,

- Pains

- Batards,

- Baguettes,

- Ficelles.

The only variation occurs between the first and second rise, where the dough is (maybe) divided and shaped

So Let's start making the dough.

Step 1: Basic Ingredients and Quantities

My basic ingredients are:

1) All-purpose Flour, preferably one free of preservatives. 1.5 lb. - 680 grams

2) Water - 2 1/8 cups - 17 oz - 500 cc

3) Yeast - 2 Tsp - 10 cc

4) Salt - 2 Tsp - 10 cc, (You can add more for taste if you prefer salty)


Note #1: Adjust water if you live in a very dry or very damp locale.

Note #2: I wrote a short instructable on why it's preferable to weigh flour than to measure it by volume (as in cups). It can be found here:


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