If you own a gas blow back airsoft pistol, you should be lubricating it at least every 3000 shots you fire to maintain the guns accuracy and prolong the life of your gun, this instructable will show you how to properly field strip your gun, as well as show you how to lubricate your gun, bear in mind that this is only a basic guide and does not cover cleaning, repairs etc, i may include that in a future instructable if i get enough interest. The gun that i will be using for this instructable will the an LS M9 gas blow back pistol that fires at about 300 FPS, this will be the second time that i have lubricated this gun, so it should last me a fair while to come.
The field stripping and lubrication of your gun may vary to this guide so you may have to familiarize yourself with the way your gun strips (levers, buttons, slide release etc) but if you own an M9 then this should be practically the same for you as most strip in the same way, so enough chat and lets get on with the instructable!
NOTE: This gun used to be clear, so if you get the same one as me it wont look like this...you should only alter the appearance of an airsoft gun if you are a registered airsofter depending on your countries airsoft policies.

Step 1: What You Need.

Very simply, all you need is your gun, and a small tube of silicone oil. DO NOT use anything other than silicone oil as this is what keeps your O rings in good condition, any other oil would degrade your O rings and make your gun function badly, so if you don't have any silicone oil, it would be worth going into any hardware store and getting some. NOTE: It does not need to be airsoft specific, you can get silicone oil for household or automotive use for much cheaper than airsoft silicone oil, so i recommend getting hold of some of that type of silicone oil rather than the airsoft specific stuff, does the same job, much cheaper.
Before you start lubricating, you should wipe down your parts of gunk, existing oils, dust and other stuff. Then you should lubricate it. Silicone spray also works instead of the tube.
Well if you have a airsoft innovations adapter you can use pc duster<br>
where did you get this airsoft gun<br>
hey is there a way to lower the fps on a gbb<br />more spacificly a agm m4 gbb<br />
What type of gas do you use with your gun?<br />
propains all i can get and i add a drop of silicon oil in the adapter afere every use<br />
Can't you get hold of green gas?<br />
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ment not not noy rated five starse<br />
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