Introduction: Basic Hovercraft

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This simple project gets you started with a basic inexpensive construction of a hovercraft. Parts include:Hair dryerParty TrayHot glueWireBattery 18V Dc cordless drill.

Step 1: Parts & Tools

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Party Tray $3.50 from local store. I used the 16 inch party tray. Hair dryer motor $5.00 from Goodwill. I removed the motor from the hair dryer. Tools include a hot glue gun, torch, wire, and soldering iron.

Step 2: Step 1 Cutting Hole in Center of Tray.

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I placed a metal container lid in the center of plastic tray and heated it up with the torch. It melted a perfect hole through the plastic.

Step 3: Step 2 Mounting the Motor.

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I used hot glue to attach hair dryer motor to bottom of party tray and extended wire connections with wire and soldering iron. I connected the battery to the wires and we have lift off.

Step 4:


palombo5050 (author)2014-02-08

One more

palombo5050 (author)2014-02-08

Advance Hovercraft

palombo5050 (author)2014-02-08

I made a little change to the basic Hovercraft

palombo5050 (author)palombo50502014-02-08

Check out the new youtube video

Kiteman (author)2014-02-04

Could we see it running?

palombo5050 (author)Kiteman2014-02-04

Here is the youtube link.

the crafting guy (author)2014-02-04

great idea but I think I might try it with a frisbee

Good idea on the Frisbee. .. I didn't have a frisbee on hand. I used a leftover party tray from New Years.

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