Picture of Basic Knex Cannon
This is something that they don't show you how to do when you buy the sets. Using less than 15 pieces (and a rubber band), this can shoot its ammo a good 4 feet, depending on how strong the rubber band is. It can also be modified to shoot farther, higher, faster, and more.
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Step 1: Get pieces

Picture of Get pieces
This should not be very hard, especially if you have a lot like me. Colors may vary.

Step 2: Assemble body...

Picture of Assemble body...
Put them together like this, but the spacing is only to show the pieces better.

Step 3: Assembling...

Picture of Assembling...
Snap on the other side like so...

Step 4: Make firing pin.

Picture of Make firing pin.
Put together this part with the rubber band strung in the eye of the pin. Then put it through the holes on the base.

Step 5: Streatch rubber band.

Picture of Streatch rubber band.
Loop the ends of the rubber band like so. It should not be too loose, but don't pull it to its full potential. Adjust as needed.

Step 6: Make ammo

Picture of Make ammo
The ammunition is just 2 pieces put together to make a ball shape (sort of).

Step 7: Shooting the cannon.

Picture of Shooting the cannon.
Pull back the pin until the trigger flips down in front of it. Load the ammo on top of the two prong-like things in the front. Fire by pulling the trigger to the side. Dry fires ( or too much power) can result in a launched pin and hurt fingers.
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The Jamalam7 years ago
I didn't know that this was the first gun, good design! Also check out my gun.
Please dont spam.
You're more than 1 year 6 months late buddy.
I really don't care.
You're more than 2 months late.
I really don't care.
You're more than 4 months late.
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You're exactly 3 months late.
55 seconds late
C-c-c-c-c-c-combo breaker.
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I came, I saw, I laughed. Memories.
It's always entertaining going back to old threads and reading conversations you've had on this site.
XD I like how this one kept going on.
I've seen so many of these lol. The new guys come along a year later and add their own rendition to the mix, then the old guys are like "wtf lol" and the cycle repeats. Such a strange community we have...
Yes, you're right
I'm more than 10 months late.
james4 DJ Radio3 years ago
Well I'm OVAR 9000 years and 6 months late, buddy.
Nice Scope/Sight!
Late! LoL
thanks, lol. Check out my other ones too
i built your later/earlier version (i don't remember) and it was amazing good job on it
Hey jamalam... i'm sorry to say sith no offense that your storm i think the newest one works like crud.... Oh and i built a small pistol that shot farther than this... 1. The mag slows the bullet down a ton! 2. Jams like everytime you load. 3. Bad accuracy. 4. Range sucks. 5. Can list probably a ton more but too tired...
okay, dont build it. if it sucks, then post your pistol. I'm sure its just your rubberbands
Im not trying to mean... I already built this gun so that is how i know. No offense and if i was mean to you in anyway i am sorry, i guess. And it was not my rubberbands. The gun just kept breaking when i put alot of rubberbands on it.
true trigger, 20 shot removable mag, accurate sight, 70-80 ft......Look how much this gun has evolved! ....... I give credit to this gun!
(your name here) (author)  The Jamalam7 years ago
Thanks! Well, take some credit for your innovation, too. I'm sure this didn't happen overnight.
Im gonna post my 1000th comment here.
Merugop5 years ago
Let's make a monument for this knex gun!!! 20 years later when everybody is killing eachother with the knex gun they will think wow when did this start en well then they know (not sarcastic)srry for my bad english
what country are you from?
the netherlands, just like me
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