Step 2: Using the Claw to Cut an Onion

Ingredients and equipment
- An onion
- Chopping board
- Knife
- Damp towel if chopping board moves while chopping

- Hold the onion with The Claw, being sure that it doesnt roll around too much.
- Cut the end of the onion off, not the end with the roots, the root end holds the onion together,so you can cut it easier.
- Peel the onion.
- Throw the peel away, preferably in the food recycle bin if you can.
&quot;#Disclaimer - This instructable is not for kids, kids shouldnt handle knives as they are very sharp.&quot; <br> <br>Erm...how else are they supposed to learn how to prep thing in the kitchen? Teach the kids knife safety, and they'll be fine! Eskimo's give 2 year olds razor sharp blades to cut seal fat.
<p>True. My daughter learnt handling a sharp, serrated knif, as she was 1.5 years old.<br>She only cut herself once. Sharp knives are far less dangerous than dull knives</p>
nice guide. Typo on the santoku, you have it labeled as a santuko. Common mistake, no biggie... but I am a little bit anal retentive when it comes to spelling.
Ha ha! I thought this was going to be a &quot;how to take out a bad guy&quot; instructable.
lol, sorry to disappoint. im sure you can at least distract the bad guy with The Claw, while you dice his fingers quickly, lol.
Not The Claw, The Craw!
nice work with diced onions&hellip; however, you might as well chop them as you do so well with your mushrooms : much faster and the skillet nor the eater will see any difference.<br><br>keep dicing for stuff that needs to keep its shape when cooking such as eggplants, zucchinis, potatoes, carrots, etc&hellip;&nbsp;(however they'll need bigger dices)<br><br>as for me, I feel that chopping with a knife is the best because you only need one tool to do almost anything in the kitchen : the best way to cut garlic is to chop it as you show with your mushroom. Using those Cuisinart garlic mashers gets you nowhere as they make a pur&eacute;e of garlic instead of very finely cut garlic that remains in shape to flavor the whole pot without getting mixed with the rest of the dish (of course, ultimately it does, but after simmering in he pot with the rest of the dish).<br><br>thank you for your inst anyway !!!
Wow! Very impressive. On the front page with your first instructzble!! Congrats!<br>
Great Instructable, and a great use of pictures to emphasize your points. <br> <br>5 of 5
Wish I had the knife skills you have! I can keep my fingers and I can keep my knives sharp and clean but I CAN'T cut uniform pieces for th elide of me :). Good luck to you!
Great job! And you have ALL your fingers so you must have some wicked knife skills there!
Haha Thanks, indeed,almost as good as your knife caring skills, hehe.<br>Good luck in the competion.

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