Picture of Basic Knots Guide
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Step 1: Thumb knot

Picture of Thumb knot
knots 024.JPG
The most simple knot.Used as a stopper and prevent ropes from fraying .

Step 2: Reef Knot

Picture of Reef Knot
knots 025.JPG
Used to tie two ropes of equal thickness together.It is pretty easy to tie and untie but under tention,it may be diffcult to untie.It is also not sutible for smooth ropes.(eg.nylon ropes)

Step 3: Figure of eight

Picture of Figure of eight
knots 023.JPG
used as a stopper,prevent ropes from fraying and its more secure than tumb knot. it's is also used to tie Caribinas to ropes and is often used in rock climbing.

Step 4: Timber hitch

Picture of Timber hitch
knots 018.JPG
used for pulling logs.

Step 5: Clove hitch

Picture of clove hitch
knots 026.JPG
Used to tie a rope onto a pole or log.
The pole must be round.
The pole lust be thicker then the rope itself.

(greatly used during pioneering)

Step 6: Sheet band

Picture of sheet band
knots 021.JPG
used to tie ropes of different thickness together.(works on same thickness of ropes too.)

Step 7: Sheep shank

Picture of sheep shank
knots 020.JPG
To shorten Ropes
To prevent middle fraying.

Step 8: Slip knot

Picture of Slip knot
knots 022.JPG
Used as a grip for pulling things.(when tied on a stick or small pole)(marlin spike hitch)