Introduction: Basic Minecraft Skills

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This instructable will show you the basic survival skills to get past your first day in Minecraft.

Henceforth, "Harvest" means left click and hold until said block has dissapeared and you are able to collect it, and "Place" means to right click in said place with said block weilded.  Also henceforth,  if "Realtime" is not in front of "Day" it means that the day in an in game day.  If "Realtime" is in front of "day", it means an actual 24-hour day.

To henceforth again, henceforth, a "Mob" is anything that has the ability to move between and across blocks without the player touching, or adding anything to it. (E.G. sheep, ducks, spiders, zombies)

All of this is advice and how-to's for a beginner player in Minecraft.  You should advance and do more daring things once you are comfortable with these skills.  That should not take too long, if you play regularly.

Step 1: Punch That Wood! (or Dirt)

Picture of Punch That Wood! (or Dirt)

Your going to need a shelter and some light sources.  What do you do?  Get some tools!  (or dirt)  You can make tools by harvesting the tree logs.  Once you have about 5 logs, press "i", and make some planks (  This gives you information on how to make whatever you can make, what you need for them, and many other facts about the item.)  After you make the planks, make a wood pickaxe.  

Now you need to find some coal.  Normally it is quite easy to find.  It looks like a normal stone block with black speck in it.  Mine/Harvest it, and collect the coal.  Then, make a torch (again, please refer to the crafting link I shared above.)

Now you can harvest anything you can see and make it into a house.  The building of the basic house is self explanitory.

At first, it will probably be just a small cube, then you will want to expand it, or build elsewhere.  You get to pick where you want to be.  You could be underwater, which would be a huge hassle on the first day.  You could be on a plain, which would be very good for a beginner, or you could be underground or in/on a cliff.  The last is my favorite, but making it look good is hard sometimes.

Step 2: Crafting/Smithing

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Crafting is not exactly like the other parts of minecraft.  You cannot exactly make up a new tool.  But, even though crafting is crafting,  it must be learned.

Once you have punched the wood, and made a workbench,  It is time for you to make a few tools.  I will only be showing you how to make the basic and needed tools and items for now.  These are:
Minecart tracks
Flint and steel
Ingots (Iron, Gold)

Once you have a basic understanding of where the ingredients go for each item, all the other items are quite easy to remember.

These pictures are from the crafting page on the minecraft wiki:

Step 3: Your House.

Picture of Your House.

When you begin, your house should be near/on the spawn point because it is easy to lose your way in the beggining. Also, do not get discoraged by photos you see online that have huge houses and intricate redstone gates for the doors.  That will be you.  If you have patience, and work at it.  The first day, your house will be small, and you will need to light it... Unless you want to be fighting mobs all throughout the night.  This is simple.  Just place the torches that you have so that they light the house.  Normally, the house is a one room house as you begin, so this should be easy.

Step 4: NIGHT TIME!!! (Dun Dun Dunnnnnn!)

Picture of NIGHT TIME!!! (Dun Dun Dunnnnnn!)

During the night,  monsters come out, and bad things happen to you if you are outside.  Normally, you don't go outside unless you are sure you won't die... or your on peaceful mode.  Anyway, you are on Easy or above, and it's your first night. What do you do?


Unless, of course, you happened to get some stone along with that coal I told you to get earlier.  If you did, you may have noticed that the item that you collected was not stone.   Your right.  That's cobblestone you collected.  Ill talk about that later.

If you do have things that you can make into other things, and you want to use those things that you have to make into other things that you will have if you choose to make them with the things that you already have,  then by all means, go ahead and make tools and other things.

But if you don't.

You must wait until DAWN!!!

Step 5: The Next Day. (And Mining)

Picture of The Next Day. (And Mining)

Congratulations, you survived your first night! (Or, not)

The next day, you can do pretty much what ever you want.  Go kill cows, if you like!

If you choose to mine, then mine.  But, there are always dangers...  As long as you are on easy or above.  When mining, you may still run into some of the creatures of the night.  Because in caves, it's always night.

Step 6: More Mining.

Picture of More Mining.

You will find many things when mining.  All of them can be found here :

How to deal with mobs attacking.

If you run into a mob while mining, normally if it is a creeper or skeleton, i keep my distance, and kill them in quick attacks.

If it is any other mob, i just make sure that i don't get hit, and swing my sword (or anything else that i have) at it.

If you find a mob anywhere that you have already been, and plan on being a lot more often, then it's not lit enough.   Use the torches and light it up

I run into huge cave systems, and I still sometimes lose my way.  if you want to prevent that, it helps to lay something that is not native to the cave down.  when i do this, i go at least 10 blocks away before i lay it down again.  If you have minecart tracks, then those help, too, but you might want to lay them down in adjacent blocks, and lay them in such a way that you can actually ride a cart down into your mine.

Step 7: Mob Abilities/ Dealing With Mobs.

Picture of Mob Abilities/ Dealing With Mobs.

Mobs can be very frustrating.  That is why you need to know what they can do.  Good mobs (Animals) generally do not hurt you, or destroy buildings, or be a pain.  Just watch out for them when you are on cliffs.

Bad mobs (Monsters) are what you will be learning about here.

There have been instances where there is a "Mount."  This is a skeleton riding a spider.  These are extremely dangerous.  They can move fast and shoot arrows at you.  Only attack these with a bow and arrow if you want to stay safe as a beginner.

Version 1.2 added squids.  these spawn any depth in any light in any difficulty. They drop ink sacks when killed, and they are passive.

Step 8: The Nether

Picture of The Nether

The Nether is near the center of the earth, like an underworld, and lets you travel eight times faster.  This is also the place where zombie-pig-men scream in pain as they wander aimlessly.  This is the place without water.  This is the place where giant flying ghost-jellyfish shoot exploding fireballs at anything they want to. (Mainly you)  This is the place where Instead of the sky, there is bloodstone.  This is the place of Lightstone and Hellmud.  This is the place of lava oceans.  This is the place of huge cliifs, and when you mis-step, you fall large heights to your death.  This is The Nether.  This is pure danger.

You can get into and out of The Nether by a portal.  You can make a portal by placing 14 obsidian block in a 4x5 square, and then lighting one of the inside blocks with flint and steel.  You can move eight times further with each step than in the regular world, so it is very useful for travel, but it is vastly more dangerous than the regular world, too.

Step 9: FIN! (for Now)

Picture of FIN! (for Now)

As you should know, minecraft is regularly updated with new features.  If you think that I missed something, or that something needs to be added, just tell me.  Also, I will answer any questions that you have.

Also, an upcoming installment on how to use redstone logic gates (or just plain redstone for remote ignition, Etc.) for doors and other things.

If you would like to read about other things in minecraft, go to these sites:

The official minecraft site:

Notch's blog:

or the Minecraft Forums!:

The Minecraft Wiki!:

Step 10: Afternotes

Picture of Afternotes

Dieing in Minecraft is ALWAYS an option.  It just might not be the option that you want.  Many people die their first night, or even DAY in minecraft.  For example:  I accedentally drowned while trying to make an underwater sand fort as my house the first day.  A friend of mine was pushed of a huge (huge) cliff by a sheep, and fell to her death.  And, I have seen people die thinking that they could dig a deep hole in the beach, and put multiple blocks of sand above them, consequently trapping, crushing, and suffocating them as their first death.

And, As a finisher to the 'Ible, here are a few skins that i made. (The masks/ Helmets/ Hoods do work in multiplayer.


GrumpyCatD (author)2014-12-21


GrumpyCatD (author)2014-12-21

I only need this for my homework, eventually I got tired of writing this; Minecraft

Have you heard of minecraft? It is a
sandbox game where there is only one point: to kill the ender dragon, but to do
that you have to do the following:

1) Get wood

2) Make a pickaxe

3) Mine

4) Make better pickaxes


6) Mine the volcanic glass: obsidian

7) Make a nether portal

8) Travel to the nether

9) Find the nether fortress

10) Kill blazes

11) Go back to the overworld and
kill enderman

12) Make eyes of ender 12

13) Find the ender fortress

14) Place the eyes of ender into the
ender portal frame

15) Kill the ender dragon in the end


The basics

Minecraft was made by Markus Alexej Persson,
a Swedish programmer who had called himself a “nerd” because he was
always interested in computers since he was 9 years old. He was born June 1,
1979, he is also called notch. Notch looks like this, he created
the tech demo for Minecraft in 2009, and most people liked it, so he worked on
it and the official launcher to Minecraft was released in 2011.

There is
no actual point except to kill the ender dragon but people make up their own
goals like do all the achievements or mine out the whole world, which will
probably take forever. Also Minecraft is very informative and it teaches you a
lot of things, for instance, did you hear of Redstone? Did you hear of andesite?
I am sure you do not but I am an expert in Minecraft because I know every ore
in your cubic world with no boundaries except bedrock. Bedrock is unbreakable
even in real life! Yes it not just what Notch wanted to make up but it does exist.
From the event when Mojang sold Minecraft to Microsoft®
there is a lot of new stuff from the 1.8 update like the guardian, rabbit, and
the endermite which are mobs, there were changes to the mobs;

Villagers- They now farm their own crops (harvesting and replanting, and
making wheat into bread) and have some new professions (like Fisherman and
Shepherd). They can also turn into witches if hit by lightning.

Wolves -Will now attack skeletons.

Skeletons -Will now run away from wolves.

Slimes -Can now swim.

Spiders -Can no longer see you through opaque blocks.

Blazes -Can shoot players through solid blocks.

Creepers -Run away from other creepers that are about to explode.

Also they added new ores like Granite, Andesite, Diorite,
Prismarine, Sea Lantern, and the wet sponge which is used to absorb water, because in
the previous updates sponges were only available in creative mode and they were
pointless because they were not used for anything, so nobody cared about them.

My opinion about Minecraft
is that it is the second best game ever made because my first favorite game is Gary's
mod or Gmod, and the third best game ever is . . . Sims 4!

Creative mode is a
gamemode where players have infinite resources and they are invincible. In
survival mode you have hearts which are lives. Half-a-heart equals 1 hp, hp
means, health point and if something hits you, you will lose a certain amount of
hp, but I cannot tell you exactly because damage may vary. It comes from
hostile mobs and natural damage such as drowning, burning, and fall damage.

Hostile means the
opposite of friendly ヅ. You may meet hostile mobs at night, but I never
recommend looking for mobs, if you want to do that; not the first night because
that is suicidal. One thing I forgot to mention is the shapes, everything is
cubic.This is diamond ore with shaders. And no shaders

12,000,000 peopleplay Minecraft on the pc,9,000,000 people play it on the Xbox, and6,000,000 people play it on the iPad, iPod, or android, and20,000 people buy the game daily, and3,200,000 people log on and play it each day on all of the
versions, and5 people buy the game in a second, so27,659,254 people own Minecraft today.

hey jack (author)2014-11-22

Wat seed is ths

Arman5592 (author)2014-07-24

You needn't search for coal . Instead , gather logs and make charcoal ! It can be crafted into torches and used as a fuel , but unfortunately it cannot be crafted into blocks :(

kurtnotkirk (author)2012-03-03

Hehe, I just uploaded the official 1.2 release... and now the zombies can bash your doors open! THAT was a surprise!

pcanywii (author)kurtnotkirk2014-05-29

U play hard mode then?


1.2.5 is even better

radknexman (author)BIOhazard_inc2012-11-06

no 1.2.4

BIOhazard_inc (author)radknexman2012-11-06

way to comment after 1.4 is already out

radknexman (author)BIOhazard_inc2012-12-02

i ment 1.4.5

BIOhazard_inc (author)radknexman2012-12-02

oh ok but the zombies breaking door feature was added in 1.2.5

HeathSM (author)2013-07-23

The 40 down theirs some one flying in the back round

pcanywii (author)HeathSM2014-05-29

I have that airsoft gun

Caleb. (author)2013-04-10

Jump to THE sky my friend....i killed my pet cow,pig,and sheep cause i left the server for a day !:(

comando9000 (author)2013-03-19

how high is the tower

comando9000 (author)2013-03-19

how high is the tower

BIOhazard_inc (author)2012-06-04

that pretty much covers everything except the end

CaseBoy (author)2012-01-17

a helpful tip i didn't know for a lang time, if you burn a wood block with a wood in furnace you get charcoal which is basically coal. i didn't see it in your instructables thats why i posted it

Xthinker (author)2011-12-22

Silly sheep!

Irock148 (author)2011-11-03

what version is this ible on

BobicusIX (author)Irock1482011-11-04

This was made during 1.7, I think, but I plan on updating it sooner or later. I have been very busy recently. The basics still apply, even though 1.8 is out, and 1.9 official release is soon to come.

didgitalpunk (author)BobicusIX2011-11-14

you are aware that minecraft is out in 4 days?

BobicusIX (author)didgitalpunk2011-11-15

Yes, I am aware of that. To my understanding, the official 1.9 update was supposed to be out before Minecraft is released. I read The Word of Notch and

lizard657 (author)2011-10-10

Just make a bed!

BobicusIX (author)lizard6572011-11-12

This was made before beds came out. I have been meaning to update it, but I have been doing a lot of other stuff, and the official release is only 6 days away, so I'll try to put most of the new features in by then.

Brian Wall (author)2011-08-02

hey i just got minecraft about a month ago and i love it! But when i play for like 20 minutes and then my computer over heats and shuts down and i loose everything.
can anyone help?

_Scratch_ (author)Brian Wall2011-11-11

Clean the dust out of your computer, if it's over a year old, don't worry about warranties. Take the fan off the cpu cooler if possible (the big aluminum heatsink somewhere towards the middle) and clean in between the fins with a Q-tip dipped in high purity rubbing alcohol. Make sure your computer is off when you do all this and unplug all the cables. Touch the bare metal of the case to get rid of any static electricity before you do any of the above. Clean fan fins the same way as the cpu cooler if dirty.

After it's all back together, it should run cooler. If not, open the task manager with ctrl-alt-delete, and make sort the list by cpu usage. Make sure there aren't any programs running that you don't recognize. If you don't recognize them, make sure they aren't important windows programs by looking the program up online.
Hope this helps, and good luck!

dlehman1 (author)2011-10-03

do you not know how to make doors ?

lockpick (author)2011-02-17

Is that skin David tenant?

BobicusIX (author)lockpick2011-02-18

In fact, yes!

trevor3693 (author)2011-01-25

please add charcoal. it is a great tool for first nights.

The Jamalam (author)2011-01-06

Great tutorial, looks like you've covered pretty much everything, except for crafting. Maybe add this in?

BobicusIX (author)The Jamalam2011-01-08

I see what you mean. Crafting really isn't like the other parts of the game. It has a defined set of rules, and a specific way on how to do it... Putting all of that into this would not be very wise, in my opinion. I had also provided a link that shows what to craft and how to do it. But, I will add the basics of crafting.

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