Picture of Basic Minecraft skills

This instructable will show you the basic survival skills to get past your first day in Minecraft.

Henceforth, "Harvest" means left click and hold until said block has dissapeared and you are able to collect it, and "Place" means to right click in said place with said block weilded.  Also henceforth,  if "Realtime" is not in front of "Day" it means that the day in an in game day.  If "Realtime" is in front of "day", it means an actual 24-hour day.

To henceforth again, henceforth, a "Mob" is anything that has the ability to move between and across blocks without the player touching, or adding anything to it. (E.G. sheep, ducks, spiders, zombies)

All of this is advice and how-to's for a beginner player in Minecraft.  You should advance and do more daring things once you are comfortable with these skills.  That should not take too long, if you play regularly.
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Step 1: Punch that wood! (or dirt)

Your going to need a shelter and some light sources.  What do you do?  Get some tools!  (or dirt)  You can make tools by harvesting the tree logs.  Once you have about 5 logs, press "i", and make some planks (  This gives you information on how to make whatever you can make, what you need for them, and many other facts about the item.)  After you make the planks, make a wood pickaxe.  

Now you need to find some coal.  Normally it is quite easy to find.  It looks like a normal stone block with black speck in it.  Mine/Harvest it, and collect the coal.  Then, make a torch (again, please refer to the crafting link I shared above.)

Now you can harvest anything you can see and make it into a house.  The building of the basic house is self explanitory.

At first, it will probably be just a small cube, then you will want to expand it, or build elsewhere.  You get to pick where you want to be.  You could be underwater, which would be a huge hassle on the first day.  You could be on a plain, which would be very good for a beginner, or you could be underground or in/on a cliff.  The last is my favorite, but making it look good is hard sometimes.
hey jack26 days ago
Wat seed is ths
Arman55924 months ago
You needn't search for coal . Instead , gather logs and make charcoal ! It can be crafted into torches and used as a fuel , but unfortunately it cannot be crafted into blocks :(
kurtnotkirk2 years ago
Hehe, I just uploaded the official 1.2 release... and now the zombies can bash your doors open! THAT was a surprise!
U play hard mode then?

1.2.5 is even better
no 1.2.4
way to comment after 1.4 is already out
i ment 1.4.5
oh ok but the zombies breaking door feature was added in 1.2.5
HeathSM1 year ago
The 40 down theirs some one flying in the back round
pcanywii HeathSM6 months ago
I have that airsoft gun
Caleb.1 year ago
Jump to THE sky my friend....i killed my pet cow,pig,and sheep cause i left the server for a day !:(
how high is the tower
how high is the tower
that pretty much covers everything except the end
CaseBoy2 years ago
a helpful tip i didn't know for a lang time, if you burn a wood block with a wood in furnace you get charcoal which is basically coal. i didn't see it in your instructables thats why i posted it
Xthinker3 years ago
Silly sheep!
Irock1483 years ago
what version is this ible on
BobicusIX (author)  Irock1483 years ago
This was made during 1.7, I think, but I plan on updating it sooner or later. I have been very busy recently. The basics still apply, even though 1.8 is out, and 1.9 official release is soon to come.
you are aware that minecraft is out in 4 days?
BobicusIX (author)  didgitalpunk3 years ago
Yes, I am aware of that. To my understanding, the official 1.9 update was supposed to be out before Minecraft is released. I read The Word of Notch and
lizard6573 years ago
Just make a bed!
BobicusIX (author)  lizard6573 years ago
This was made before beds came out. I have been meaning to update it, but I have been doing a lot of other stuff, and the official release is only 6 days away, so I'll try to put most of the new features in by then.
Brian Wall3 years ago
hey i just got minecraft about a month ago and i love it! But when i play for like 20 minutes and then my computer over heats and shuts down and i loose everything.
can anyone help?
Clean the dust out of your computer, if it's over a year old, don't worry about warranties. Take the fan off the cpu cooler if possible (the big aluminum heatsink somewhere towards the middle) and clean in between the fins with a Q-tip dipped in high purity rubbing alcohol. Make sure your computer is off when you do all this and unplug all the cables. Touch the bare metal of the case to get rid of any static electricity before you do any of the above. Clean fan fins the same way as the cpu cooler if dirty.

After it's all back together, it should run cooler. If not, open the task manager with ctrl-alt-delete, and make sort the list by cpu usage. Make sure there aren't any programs running that you don't recognize. If you don't recognize them, make sure they aren't important windows programs by looking the program up online.
Hope this helps, and good luck!
dlehman13 years ago
do you not know how to make doors ?
lockpick3 years ago
Is that skin David tenant?
BobicusIX (author)  lockpick3 years ago
In fact, yes!
trevor36933 years ago
please add charcoal. it is a great tool for first nights.
The Jamalam3 years ago
Great tutorial, looks like you've covered pretty much everything, except for crafting. Maybe add this in?
BobicusIX (author)  The Jamalam3 years ago
I see what you mean. Crafting really isn't like the other parts of the game. It has a defined set of rules, and a specific way on how to do it... Putting all of that into this would not be very wise, in my opinion. I had also provided a link that shows what to craft and how to do it. But, I will add the basics of crafting.