Make simple mosaics very cheaply. I'm mostly against buying special tiles and tools for doing mosaics because it seems a little backward to me to buy new tiles to end up breaking them. In this instructible I will document my method (I guess this could be similar to other ideas out there).

Step 1: Tools & Tiles

Use stuff you have at home.

1) Broken tiles picked up at a construction site etc.
2) Hammer.
3) Wood glue (white glue).
4) Pencil.
5) Tweezers help.
6) Stiff cardboard.
7) Sponge.
8) Idea/picture.
9) Scrap piece of wood, Masonite works well. You could use a whole tile and garden pots, picture frames, mirror frames, small/big side tables, coffee tables, coasters...................

What type of material are the tiles sitting on? Love this by the way!
If the mosaic will be outside and getting wet, or on a pot with a plant that gets watered, there are tiles that are OK&nbsp;to use and tiles that are not. Also, using white glue to stick them can be problematic for these pieces. That's what the proper tile cement is for... and it's nice to have the &quot;proper&quot; tools, at least nippers, to be able to break some tile to your exact needs. But, for inside projects, your method should work OK.<br />
The Art of Mosaic show will be held at the Somerville Museum in Somerville, MA from September 2009 throught October 2009. Submissions accepted through May 31, 2009 from all New England mosaic artists. For more information, go to www.MosaicsNewEngland.com
I just gave away a ton of tile now I'm pissed. What do you recommend as a backing for most of these projects?
First i used some scrap wood and cut to a size i wanted. Then i just used Masonite (don't know if its called the same around the globe) its just thin box wood really. The backing must be able to be stuck by white glue and not be flexible because the grouting will crack. Cheap wooden picture frames, ceramic pots, tiles, bricks , large stones even. You can use pebbles and even mirrors and pieces of coloured glass in conjunction with tiles too.
I assume the scrap wood is the backing for the project. Good idea. :)

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