Basic Mounting and Riding on the Unicycle





Introduction: Basic Mounting and Riding on the Unicycle

this is my first Instructable! I will be teaching you how to mount and ride a unicycle.Now don't be mad if it takes you one to two months to learn. Things you will need are a unicycle,helmet,and COURAGE! if you follow teas steps you'll be riding in no time!

Step 1: Preparing to Mount

For basic learning a person preparing to mount is NEEDED! Now later on you will learn to just hop on. when you get your unicycle on your but you need to put your one prefer foot on the paddle then you push your one foot (prefer foot) and quickly put your other foot on the peddale.If you do this to fast you will tip over and if you don't catch your-self you will FACE PLANT!

Step 2: Riding

once your up you are going to slowly peddale forward!



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    Not very informative. Perhaps you could describe the position of the feet in the description.

     I noticed that when you mounted your unicycle, your first foot was at the top of the wheel(12 o'clock if you look at it that way). I've found it safer to place your foot at the bottom of the wheel(6 o'clock). This way, you aren't thrown forward and you can take as much time as you need to get your second foot on the pedal. 

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    hi i made this instructable but had to change acounts so im replying a little late:) sorry about that. You are correct if the foot is in the 12 o'clock position it is harder to get on because you have to pedal back more. in the 6o'clock position you can just lock prefered leg in position. It was my first instructable and i was not realy paying attention to detail. Also i was just used to starting that way. sorry if this is a little late!

    A bit thin - this would work better as a video? See if you can get someone to film this and post as a video. Seeing how you do things is often a lot easier than trying to explain them with stills an text, esp. for something like this. (obviously a face-plant would be amusing, but I wonder whether you're adequately protected if that should happen. - what's your opinion on wrist-guards & gloves?) L

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    lemonie, in my prospective the only way to protect your self is to put your foot on other pedal as fast as you you unicycle?

    I tried once but never managed it, good on you that you did. For the protection question, I observed you have the helmet, but thought a person might be more likely to injure their hands - you'd know better on this? L

    well I think that gloves and rist pads are good but if you rely want to stay safe me personaly when I started I was great but whith pople that arnt talented anugh they SHOLD ware safty gaer.but rely the only way you fall is to fall forwards and walk it off or fall bakwards and walk it off.I think you shold get bake on the unicycle and try like I say It might take some people up to 3 you wher saying in the original mesage yes I will make this into a movie!Pleas respond.

    Yeah that's informative. You could copy most of that comment, spell-check it and paste it into the introduction.


    I'm a beginner so I feel more qualified to give safety advise since I've fallen off lots and more recently than uni spin.
    in a bout 200 falls* I've only not landed on my feet 4 times.
    one three point landing (2feet,1hand)
    once I bumped my elbow
    once on my rear
    and most recently, in a freak accident I twisted my ankle.
    I believe that I was too close to the edge of my drive way, slid off, steped off with the bottom foot, spinning the tire, causeing me to land wrong, twisting my ankle.
    Moral of the story; wrist gaurds are nice. elbow gaurds are nice. Don't spin the tire.

    * sink or swim appraoch at learning (I'm swimming; )

    three days after twisting my ankle I won first in my division in a 5/20km run/bike-ride! (so it wasn't a horrible twist)
    And  I forgot to mention shin guards are nice since once in awhile when you fall off, a pedal will nail you in the shin.

    Or if you know you are uncoordinated or lack the necessary confidence to "unicycle", you should avoid it all together.

    I think it's cool, but I prefer to take the approach described above. :)

    I would have my ego-centric, show off friend try this...and video tape him...just in case...hee hee hee hee. >:)

    Great job on your first instructable, but you should improve the following:

    • Spelling
    • Capitalization
    • Blur out licence plates!

    Other than that, it's good, but it needs more detail.
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