Introduction: Basic Pa Setup

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2 speakers on stands

1 Powered Mixer

1 microphone

1 iPod

Step 1: Locking Pins on Speaker Stands

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Make sure you put in the locking pins on the Speaker Stands as well as tightening the knob, in case the stand slides the pin will hold the stand secure.

Step 2: Plug Speakers In

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Using a speaker cable (which is different from an instrument cable) plug your speaker in to the back of the powered mixer. you can run up to 4 speakers out on this model. 2 left 2 right in stereo.

Step 3: Plug in Your Microphone

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using the XLR input on channel 1 plug the microphone cable in. On this channel you have control over volume (gain), a 3 a band EQ, and effects level. Use the same method for guitars etc. using the 1/4 line input instead.

Step 4: IPod

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Channel 8 on this mixer is a stereo channel, so using a 1/8"trs to 2x1/4" ts cable (headphone to 2 instrument cable) plug your iPod in, set the iPod volume at 80% and control the level from the 8th channel gain knob.

Step 5: Main Control Panel

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When using the mixer in stereo (Left/ Right) your main volume is on the bottom right (white knob) and you have the 9 band EQ to get the best sound for the room. You can select your effects (reverb / delay etc.) at the top, and using the blue knob on each channel you can adjust for each input.

Before turning the system on, ensure all volumes are at zero, and adjust as needed.

This will work for most of the speakers and powered mixers on the market today.

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seamster (author)2015-01-08

Great guide, thank you for sharing this!

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