This is one of the easiest bracelets to make, very simple and quick. I will be making it on a paracord jig which makes it easier but is not needed. Enjoy.

Step 1: Materials

1: 6 to 10 feet of paracord
2: Butane lighter
3: Scissors
4: Paracord jig (optional)
how much paracord for that 7 inch bracelet?
<p>I made this as a water bottle lid leash/handle. Thanks for the descriptions of the beginning and end attachment strategy. I was struggling to remember that bit!</p>
<p>red and black</p>
that was Jacobs deal talk to him
Make the bracelet without the jig! Us blondes aren't THAT smart! And mark wants me to get his hero factory's back
I have 350 on my other cat :P
I see you just finished it :) I have 61 views on my French braid thingy

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