Basic Shadow Puppets





Introduction: Basic Shadow Puppets

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Got light, a wall, and a free hand or two? It doesn't even have to be fancy: sunshine will do!

Here's the "dog":

Step 1: The Bunny

His personality is in his ears, and in his hop.

Step 2: The BAT



Step 3: The Swan

you must also make honking noises

Step 4: People

Now you can go tromping around in the new england cold and explore your new art!



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    check this out, amazing work from a pro

    Wow! It's great!!

    I saw some interesting shadow tricks on YouTube, you can find here

    can you make a pic of the hardest shadow puppet ever?

    I can make a pretty good rabbit with two hands. I can make an owl. I forgot how to make a horse though

    I know a couple more you can post....just please put me as a colaborator...heheh nah just kidding. A Snail, use your head and make a bunny with one hand.

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    Hey! I Found A Ton more please put me as a collaborator! I'll give you a ton more!!

    wolfshadow.gifbuny shadow.bmp

    Whoa I have that book that the image came from its called "Hand Shadows to be thrown upon the wall" by Henry Bursill. The hardest one for me has been the scared man, some of the shadows I still cant do. btw thats a cool bunny I've never seen it done that way.

    Awesome! Wanna take shots of the shadow puppets you can do and add them here?

    Well the timer on my camera is only giving me ten seconds, this was taken with a remote and my toe. It's my attempt at the fright expression, it kinda looks like an old codger too. lol


    Elephants, An Oldman, Faces, more dogs...........just saying.....

    sounds really good! why not just post some more in the comments? are these your own puppets, or images you found?

    lol both. The pics are google but I know a lot more shapes. Aw come on add me, pleeeeasse? P.S. Te snail was mine too

    How do you do butterfly? Can you post a picture?