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Introduction: Basic Slushie Slush Puppie

Here is my tutorial on how to make the perfect Slush Puppie!!! Ingredients :Partly melted IceThick Syrup ( can be bought online at a high price or homemade which i may do a tutorial later )Serving CupStrawEnjoy :)

Step 1: Sweat the Ice

This will make the texture more slushy like when blending.

Step 2: Place Ice Into Blender

Pretty simple, just do as i say.

Step 3: Pour in a Smidge of Syrup.

Dont put in too much as this would make the slushy sticky and taste like death

Step 4: Blend

will it blend? of course it will!!

Step 5: Half Way Through Blending ADD a Little Water.

Make sure it is only a little and keep blending untill you feel like the blades are not chopping ice anymore.

Step 6: Tip Into Glass and Add Some Fancy Stuff.

You can also add spirits to make them more adult.

Add decor to make them look presentable.

Step 7: Enjoy :)

Hope you liked this tutorial.

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Kind Regards

Jake (RandyDutch)



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    Nice! Thanks for sharing this. Can't beat a good slushie on a hot summer day! :)

    No Problem mate :) might do a homemade slushy syrup video sometime!!