Introduction: Basic Survival House

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This house uses some techniques from the cottage so if I was you I would check it out

Step 1: Frame

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Copy the layout from the image with oak or spruce wood depending on which wood you've got most of.

Step 2: Build It Up, Build It Up

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Build up the wood two more high which gives a total of three high.(the cobble and glass rant needed).

Step 3: Joining the Dots

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Like we did in the cottage join the wood beams with more wood.

Step 4: Flooring

Picture of Flooring

Using planks, fill in the ground

Step 5: Double Layer Baby

Picture of Double Layer Baby

With, guess what, more wood build up on the corner of the house

Step 6: Roofy Roof

Picture of Roofy Roof

Pictures will explain this one

Step 7: The Walls

Picture of The Walls

Using oak and cobblestone make the using this pattern

Step 8: Top Floor

Picture of Top Floor

Like we did with the floor fill in the top layer

Step 9: Stairs

Picture of Stairs

Stairs are simple I don't need to explain that do I?

Step 10: Top Layer Walls

Picture of Top Layer Walls

Like we did with the bottom, do the walls with wood planks

Step 11: Roof

Picture of Roof

Using stairs, fill in the roof

Step 12: Windows, Doors and Fences and Farm

Picture of Windows, Doors and Fences and Farm

Fill in the holes with glass and doors, join up the top with fences and finally in the corner you are done

Step 13: Finished

I hope you like it and tell me what you think


CreeperLover2017 (author)2017-04-26

Awesome house! Love it!

RedKing9132 (author)2016-06-18

This house looks awesome mate!

Hiimriotbear (author)2016-06-04

New instructible out soon

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