Step 6: Simmer!

Picture of Simmer!
Cook it as long as you can - I normally try to do at least 30 minutes. If I'm ever making tomato sauce for dinner, I'll start the sauce before I do anything else so it has time to simmer.

After it's simmered for 10-15 minutes, check the seasonings. Now you can add a little more of whatever you like.

As an added bonus, adding a bit of red wine vinegar at the end makes the sauce infinitely tasty. I recommend adding at least a tablespoon or so in the last five minutes of cooking.

It's perfect over pasta of any kind, in lasagna, or mixed into rice. I really enjoy using half over pasta, and adding sriracha to the second half and mixing it into rice. I'm actually doing that tonight, Rice and sriracha tomato sauce is the best.

WendyDL9 months ago

Simmering now! Smells amazing!!

Adron3 years ago
I find an nice aged Basalmic Vinegar does wonders for any tomatoe sauces I've made.